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"In the Days of My Youth" (1873) ; " Monaieur Maurice," a novelette (1873). "Miss Carew" (1865) consists of short tales chiefly. Besides the foregoing. Miss Amelia B. Edwards is the author of *' An Abridgment of French History/' publiiwed in Messrs. Bontled^e's Useful Library ; of the biographical letterpress to Messrs. Colnaghi's Photographic HiMtorical Portrait Oallery; of a volume of " Ballads " (1865) ; and of a record of travel in the then little known Dolomite region, entitled " Untrodden Peaks and unfrequented Valleys " (1873), with illustrations by the author. This was followed at the beginning of 1877 by " A Thousand Miles up the Nile," illustrated with upwards of eighty wood engravings from drawings by the author, made and finished on the spot, in Egypt and Nubia. This work, which occupied Miss Edwards's pen and pencil for more than two years after her re- turn from the East, contains a full account of the remarkable dis- coveries made at Aboo-Simbel (forty miles below the Second Cataract) by Miss Edwards's party, together with a ground-plan of the temple which they excavated, and facsimiles of the inscriptions found upon its walls. A series of selec- tions from English poets and Eng- lish prose writers was compiled by Miss Edwards expressly for the Tauchnitz Library.

EDWARDS, Edwabd, born in London in 1812 ; after having been for many years employed on the new general catalogue of the printed books in the British Museum, be- came in 1851 principal librarian of the Free Libraries of the City of Manchester — the first established in this country under the Act of 1850 — and held the office until 1858. He edited " The Great Seals of England," 1836: and "The Napoleon Medals," 1837— works which first introduced to the Eng- lish public the method of metallic engraving, invented in France by

M. Achille CoUas. He is tl: author of " Remarks on the Mini terial Plan of a Central Universit Examining Board," 1836 ; '* Descriptive Catalogue of a Seri< of French Medals in the Cabins of the British Museum," 183£ " The Economy of the Fine Arts i England," 1840 ; " A Letter on tl Pr^nt State of the Educatio Question," 1846; and of varioi publications on the question < Public Libraries in this countr and in the United States. Mj Edwards contributed several bi< graphical and other articles to th eighth edition of the "Encycloptedi Britannica," and wrote "A Vie^ of the Various Schemes which hav been proposed for the Classificatio of Human Kiiowledge," publishe in the Transactions of the Liverpoc Historical Society.

EDWARDS, Hbnbi Milni naturalist, of Belgian origin, men ber of the Institute and of th Academy of Medicine, born a Bruges, Oct. 23, 1800, studies medicine at Paris, and obtained his degree of Doctor in July, 1823 After holding the Professorship o Natural History at the Lyc^ Henri FV., he was appointed h 1841 to a similar position at th< Museum of the Faculty of Sciences of which he became Dean, and wa made Professor of Zoology to th( Museum, in place of M. Isidor Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire, May 28 1862. In 1838 he was admitted i member of the Academy of Science (section of Anatomy and Zoology as successor to M. Cuvier ; wa elected an associate of the Academy of Medicine in 1854; created ai officer of the Legion of Honour ii April, 1847, and was promoted t* the rank of Commander, Aug. 13 1861. He is the author of "Re cherches Anatomiques sur !& Crustao^," 1828, " crowned" by th( Academy of Sciences ; " Manuel d«  Mati^reM^dicale," 1832; "Nouveai Formulaire Pratique des H6pitaux,' 1840; "Histoire Naturelle dei