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lie was appointed Ambas- Vienna.

>TT, Charles Wyllys, Guildford, Connecticut, May

After spending some years utile pursuits, he studied ure and landscape garden- From 1840 to 1848 practised rsuits in Cincinnati. He imed to New York, and with his brother in the iron

but devoted much time to EUid philanthropic labour, e was appointed one of the loners to lay out the Cen- c in New York. He now t Guildford, Connecticut, ontributions to periodicals •ublished: "Cottages and [iife " (1848) ; " Mysteries, ►ses of the Supernatural" ' St. Domingo, its Revolu-

its Hero "(1855); "The land History" (1857); "Ke- ! Characters and Places in r Land" (1867); "Wind rlwind," a novel (1868); an Interiors " (1877) ; and

and Porcelain" (1877). S, Alexander John, P.S.A., formerly Sharpe, ) having been changed by inse in 1825, was born June

at Hoxton, and educated sbury, Eton, and Trinity Cambridge, of which he 3ted a scholar in 1835, luated B.A., being sixth , and first in the second- classics in 1837. He was

Fellow of the Cambridge iical Society in 1837, of il Society in 1864 (having ember of the Council for of the Society of Anti- a 1870, and of the College ptors in 1873. He was b of the Philological So- uring 1872-4, and also f which Society he is now resident. Mr. Ellis is also er of the Mathematical [>f London, and in 1825 the Middle Temple as a of which he is still a mem-

ber, though he has never bee called to the bar. He is the authc of "Alphabet of Nature," 1845 "Essentials of Phonetics," 1848 "Plea for Phonetic Spelling, second edition, 1848; "Universa Writing and Printing," 1856 " Early English Pronunciatioi with especial reference to Chance and Shakspere," Parts I. and U 1869, Part III. 1871, Part IV. (t p. 1432), 1875, (Parts V. and VI. i preparation) ; " Glossic," 1870 " Practical Hints on the Quantita tive Pronunciation of Latin," 1874 "On the English, Dionysian, an< Hellenic Pronunciation of Greek, 1877 ; " Pronunciation for Singers, 1877; "Speech in Song," 1878 with numerous other works an tracts on Phonetics, Mr. Ellis ha\ ing been the proprietor, editor, an chief writer of the "Phoneti News," 1849 ; " Only English Pre clamation of Henry III.," 1868 translation of Professor M. Ohm' " Spirit of Mathematical Analysis, 1843; "Self-proving Examples ii Arithmetic," 1855 ; " Algebra ider tifiedwith Geometry," 1874 ; "Hoi to teach Proportion without refei ence to Commensurability," 1877 translation of Prof. Helmholtz' " Sensations of Tone as a Physic logical Basis for the Theory c Music," with an additional aj pendix, 1875 ; " Basis of Music, 1877; "Logic for Children (printed 1872-3, published 1882) numerous papers on Music, Bare metio Hypsometry, Logic, and th Geometncal Meaning of Imagina ries, Stigmatics, and the Calcula tion of Logarithms, &c., in th Proceedings of the Boyal Sc ciety, 1859-80, and on Phonologi Philology, with five Annual Presi dential Addresses in the Transa< tions of the Philological Society 1866-74 ; besides various lecture on logic and educational subject in the "Educational Times, 1869-79, and in the " Journal of th Society of Arts," 1870; and in th 1 latter " On the Measurement nn