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.parte, March 16, 1856, was ad supporter of the claims olj See, and to her influence

the poUcy of the emperor

Italy has been attributed, uiied by the emperor, she the cholera hospitals in a Oct., 1865, and her con- . this occasion was very ommended. In July, 1866, e, with the Prince Imperial, H tour in Lorraine, and was at the /He held at Nancy in Loration of the reunion of OYinoe with France. On uion of the centenary of n I., in Aug., 1869, she pro- dth the Prince Imperiid to

In Oct. of the same year iesty made a voyage to the i board the steam yacht

She went first to Venice, to Constantinople, next to d, where she was present at nal opening of the Suez Nov. 17), visited the most mg places in Turkey and md returned to France at I of November. At the cement of the war between and Germany she was ap-

Eegent (July 27, 1870)

he absence of the Emperor,

itely after the revolution in 1 the 4tti of Sept., she hur- ftthe Tuileries, and escaped EUice. She landed at Byde, de of Wight, Sept. 9, 1870, rtly afterwards proceeded to Prince Imperial at Hastings.

House, Ohislehurst, was ently selected as a residence Imperial exiles. In Oct., le Empress went to Spain isit to her mother. The r died at Ohislehurst, Jan. 9, Lt the beginning of the year e Empress removed &om House to the Famborough a Hampshire, close to the of the county of Surrey, ate, which was purchased ,000, consists of about 257 ith a picturesque mansion. JS, John, Hon., D.C.L.,

Oxford, and LL.D., Dublin, Treas. and V.P.B.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., &c., is son of the late Bev. A. B. Evans, D.D., who was head master of Market Bosworth Grammar School, Leicestershire. He was born in 1823, and educated by his father. In 1864 he published "The Coins of the Ancient Britons," and in 1872, "The Ancient Stone Imple- ments, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britskin," which was trans- lated into French and published in Paris in 1875. "The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain and Ireland," appeared in 1881, and a French translation of it in the fol- lowing year. He has also written on the "Flint Implements in the Drift," in the "Archaeologia," vols. 38 and 89 ; and a variety of Papers in the " Archseologia," and in the Numismatic Chronicle, of which he is one of the editors. He was Pre- sident of the Geological Society in 1875-6, and of the Anthropological Institute in 1878-79, and has been President of the Numismatic Society since 1876. He is a J.P. and D.L. for Hertfordshire, of which county he was High Sheriff in 1881-82.

EVANS, Sebastian, LL.D., youngest son of the late Arthur Benoni Evans, D.D., born at Mar- ket Bosworth, Leicestershire, March 2, 1830, was ^ucated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, graduating B.A. in 1853, M.A. in 1857, and LL.D. in 1868. He became mana- ger of the artistic department in Sfessrs. Chance Brothers & Co/s glass works in 1857, in which capa- city he designed the " Eobin Hood " window exhibited in the Interna- tional Exhibition of 1862, and lithographed by Mr. Waring in his "Masterpieces of IndustriiJ Art." In 1865 he published a volume en- titled "Brother Fabian's MS. and other Poems," and in 1875, a second, " In the Studio, a decade of Poems." In 1867 he became editor of the Birmvngham Daily Gazette, and in 1868 unsuccessfully contested the

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