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ad. He is a skilled short- riter on a system inyented 3lf , which was published in 1 has attracted much atten-

iSLEY (Viscount), The Bon. Charles Shaw Le- D.C.L., the eldest son of I Charles Shaw Lefevre, .P. for Beading (who as- ihe name of Lef evre in ad- ► Shaw on marrying a lady lame, whose ancestors were he French refugee families . to England at the revoca- bhe Edict of Nantes), born , 1794, and educated at jter and Trinity College, Lge, where he graduated in

  • 8e, was called to the bar at

s Inn, but did not practise.

he was returned to the F Commons for the now dis- ed borough of Downton, sat apshire in 1831-2, and re- id the northern division of nty from the passing of the Act till his elevation to the He was chosen in May, eaker of the House of Com- L succession to the late Mr. Qibie (afterwards Lord Dun- s), and retired after an i years* tenure of office, in n this capacity his digni- d courteous demeanour, npartiality, and thorough banco with the forms and

the House, secured him idence and respect of all

and even under Sir E. onservative administration ipt was made to substitute

in his place, though he d Liberal politics. His p, who was created Viscount f on his retirement from akership, April 11, 1857, is Steward of Winchester, ►r of the Isle of Wight, y Lieut.-Col. of the Hants ry, and an Aide-de-Camp to len for the Yeomanry ser- }h the rank of Col. in that In 1858 he was appointed a

Commissioner of Church Es which office he resigned in when he was appointed an 1 siastical Commissioner.

EXETEE, Bishop op. Temple.)

EYEE, The Most Eev. Cha a Catholic prelate, son of the John Lewis Eyre, Esq. (Count in the Papal dominions), brother of the late Very Monsignor Eyre of Hamps was born in 1817, at Askam I Hall, York, and educated at U College, Durham, and in i He was appointed assistant ] at St. Andrew's church, Newcj on-Tyne, in 1843 ; removed t Mary's, Newcastle, in 1844 ; be senior priest at St. Mary's C dral, Newcastle, in 1847, an< mained there, with a short inU till Christmas, 1868. He wa many years canon of the diocc Hexham and Newcastle ; an< some time was Vicar-General ; appointed Archbishop for Western district, and Dele Apostolic for Scotland in D( ber, 1868 ; and was consecrat the church of St. Andrea Valle, Eome, Jan. 31, 1869, b title of Archbishop of Anazar! partibus infidelium. When ancient hierarchy was restor Scotland by Pope Leo XIII March 4, 1878, Mgr. Eyre appointed Archbishop of Gla The Letters Apostolic constit the new dioceses in Scotland o that while, in consideration ( antiquity, importance, and ox archiepiscopal dignity, Glasg erected into an Archbishopi shall not, until it is othe decreed by his Holiness or hi cessors, possess any real pre tives of an archiepiscopal or n politan See, and that, whil remains without suffragans Archbishop of Glasgow shaU his seat with the Archbisho] Bishops of the province o Andrews and Edinburgh ii Provincial Synod of Scol