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lOrah Creina," and at the ly a " Scene from Moli^re*8 ois Gentilhomme/* and " The of Labour/' a cottage scene. >ecoming A.B.A.^ Mr. Frith

entirely discontinued his iitions to the British Insti- except in 1852, when he sent I female portrait, entitled 3d Eyes." In IS^iT he pro- Lis large picture of " English taking a Hundred Years and the " Saracen's Head," bive of a story in the " Spec- and in 1848, his "Old . accused of Bewitching a

Girl," in the reign of

'.. In the same year he ex-

his *' Stage Coach Adven- 1750," and another "Scene [oli^re's Bourgeois Gentil- " His picture of 1849, en- Coming of Age," is a felicit- Btration of English country he days of Queen Elizabeth.

Exhibition of 1850, Mr. exhibited three pictures, — •ortrait of a Lady;" a -scene The Good-natured Man;" mcho telling a tale to the ad Duchess to prove that the

of La Mancha is at the of the table." The Exhibi-

1851 contained two of his \, "The Gleaner," and

th brought as a Spy before

^emor of Calais." In 1852 elected B.A., and exhibited Id at its Evening Prayers,"

  • ope making Love to Lady

rortley Montagu." In 1854 ibuted five subjects, — " Life Sea-side," purchased by her 'i "Portrait of Ann Page," ove Token," "A Scene from ide of Lanmiermoor," the I Cup," from "KenUworth," ' Portrait." In 1855 he ex- " Maria tricking Malvolio," ItoyeTQ," "A Lady at -the and " Feeding the Calves ; "

1856 "Garden Flowers," Happy Betums of the Day," L Dream of the Future." )erby Day" was exhibited

at the Academy in 1858. Th< terest excited by this picture wa great that it was found neces to protect it by a barrier from pressure of the crowds who d thronged to see it. In 1859 Frith's only contribution to Academy was a portrait of the Charles Dickens, now at South 1 sington. In 1860 appeared " Cb Duval," a fine engraving of w was executed by Mr. Lumb Stc In 1861 there was no work e bited by Mr. Frith, he being o pied in painting the large pic of the "Railway Station," chased by the late Mr. Flatou, exhibited in 1862 at a gallery in Haymarket. In the same yet portrait of the late Thos. Cresi^ Esq., R.A., was Mr. Frith*s < contribution to the Academy. 1863 he exhibited there " Julie the Balcony;" in 1865, " The 1 riage of their Royal Highnesses Prince of Wales and the Prin Alexandra of Denmark, in George's Chapel, Windsor, Mi 10, 1863" (painted for the Que in 1866, "Widow Wadman Siege to my Uncle Toby ; " in 1 " King Charles II.'s last Sunda in 1868, " Before Dinner at Bosw lodgings in Bond Street, 17 which work was sold in 1875 j84,567 — the highest price ( given for any picture during artist's lifetime; in 1869, " I: and Fear," " Altisidora, pretenc love for Don Quixote, feigi swoon at the sight of him," Man in Armour," "Nell Gw; and "Malvolio, married to Countess in imagination, so quises;" in 1870, "Sir Rogei Coverley and the perverse Wide and " Amy Robsart and Janet ; 1871, "The Salon d'Or, Hombu and " I know a maiden fair to se in 1872, " Henry VIII. and A Boleyn deer-stalking in Win< Forest;" in 1874, "Blessing Little Children, an episode in great Annual procession of Our I of Boulogne;" in 1875, "Tom J<