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bers's" Papers for the People," a 1854 editor of the Magazine . He was a leader-writer for Irmingham Journal for several from 1855, and subsequently le Liverpool Albion and the sbury Chronicle, down to 1872. is editor in that and the fol- j year of the Oentleman*8 %l. Mr. Frost is the author lalf Hours with Early Ex- s," 1873; " The Old Showmen he Old London Pairs," 1874; us Life and Circus Celebri- 1875; " Lives of the Con- \/' "Life of Thomas Lord Iton," and "Secret Societies e European Revolution," 2 1876; " Forty Years' Eecol- tis," and " In Kent with Charles ns," 1880 J "Modern Ex- 's," 1882; and several stories venture for boys. He became • in 1881 of the 8heffi,eld Even-

  • o$t, in 1882 of the Bamsley

t, and is now editor of the \ley Independent. OTHINGHAM, Octaviub K, born at Boston, Massachu- Nov. 26, 1822. A. B. (Har- , 1843. He studied theology 3 Cambridge Divinity School, 1 1847 was ordained, and set- BA pastor over a Unitarian h in Salem, Massachusetts. 55 he removed to Jersey City iw Jersey. In 1859 he went sw York, where he was the ter of an independent religious y until 1879, when he dis- l his society and went to >e. On his return, in 1881, >rmally withdrew from any ic church connection, and since devoted himself exclu- ' to literary work. He is resent in Boston. He has ffl largely for journals and WB, has published more than srmons and discourses, and is .uthor of " Stories from the )f the Teacher" (1863) j " The )le8" (1864); "Stones from Hd Testament" (1864) j "Re- Critical Essays" (translated

18GA); "The Child's Book of Reli- gion" (1871); "The Religion of Humanity" (1872); " Life of Theo- dore Parker" (1874); "The Safest Creed" (1874); " Beliefs of the Un- believers" (1876); " Knowledge and Faith" (1876); "Transcendentalism in New England" (1876); "The Cradle of Christ" (1877); " The Spirit of the New Faith" (1877); " Creed and Conduct " (1877); " Life of Gerrit Smith" (1878); " The Ris- ing and Setting Faith" (1878); "Visions of the Future" (1879); "The Assailants of , Christianity" (1879); and " George Ripley " (18S2). He was for a time art critic of the New York Tribune, was a frequent contributor to the Index, the organ of free religion, and wrote a large number of the articles in Johnson's " Universal Cyclopaedia " (1874-77). ■ F R O U D E, James Anthony, youngest son of the late Venerable R. H. Froude, archdeacon of Totnes, bom at Dartington, Devonshire, April 23, 1818, was educated at Westminster and at Oriel College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1840, taking a second class in classics, and he proceeded M.A. in due course. In 1842 he carried off the Chancellor's Prize for an English Essay on "The Influence of the Science of Political Economy on the Moral and Social Welfare of the Nation;" and in the same year he became a Fellow of Exeter Col- lege. He was ordained a deacon in the Established Church in 1844. For some time he was connected with the High Church party under the Rev. J. H. Newman, and wrote in " The Lives of the English Saints." Under the pseudonym of "Zeta" he published, in 1847, a volume entitled " Shadows of the Clouds," which comprised two stories — "The Spirit's Trials" and " The Lieutenant's Daughter." His "Nemesis of Faith" appeared in 1848, and reached a second edition in the following year. It marked his defection from the teaching of the Church of England, agaip"^