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Dublin thanked him for his labours { in relation to the ancient muni- ments of the metropolis of Ireland. As member of the Council of the Boyal Irish Academy, and its honorary Librarian, he gave a vast impetus to Celtic studies by effect- ing the publication of some of the most important manuscripts in the Irish language. Mr. Gilbert'ffprinci- pal published works are — " History of the City of Dublin/' 3 vols., 8vo, 1854-59 J " History of the Viceroys of Ireland, 1172-1509," 1865 j "His- torical and Municipal Documents of Ireland, a.d. 1172-1820," 8vo, 1870 J " National Manuscripts of Ireland," 4 vols, large folio, already issued ; " History of Affairs in Ire- land, 1641-1652," 6 parts, 1879-1881 j

    • History of the Irish Confederation

and the War in Ireland, 1641-43," 2 vols., 1882 ; various Treatises on History and the Literature of Great Britain and Ireland, published by the Boyal Commission on Histori- cal Manuscripts, London, 1870-83 : and "The Chartulary of the Cis- tercian Abbey of St. Mary, near Dublin," 1883.

GILBEET, JosiAH, born at the Independent College, Eotherham, Yorkshire, Oct. 7, 1814, son of the Eev. Joseph Gilbert, grandson of the Eev. Isaac Taylor, of Ongar, was educated chiefly at home, became afterwards a student in the Eoyal Academy, practised as a portrait-painter for some years in London, but has lived since 1843 at Marden Ash, Ongar, engaged in literary and artistic pursuits. He is the author of *' Art, its Scope and Purpose," 1858; "Cadore, or Titian's Coimtry," 1869 ; " Art and Eeligion," 1871: and joint author of "The Dolomite Mountains," 1864; and edited "Autobiography and other Memorials of Mrs. Gil- bert (formerly Ann Taylor)," 1875, which has gone through 4 editions. Mr. Gilbert is a member of the Alpine Club.

GILBEET, William Schwbnck, B.A., was born Nov. 18, 1886, at

17, Southampton Street, Strs London, and educated at Gi Ealing School. He took the de^ of B.A. at the University of Lone was called to the bar of the In Temple in Nov., 1864 ; was ClerJ the Privy Council Office from 1 to 1862 ; and was appointed Capi of the Eoyal Aberdeenshire Hi landers (Militia) in 1868. Mr. • bert is well known as a dram author and contributor to period literature. His first piece, "I camara," was produced at the James's Theatre, in Jan., 1866. is also author of " An Old Scor "The Princess;" "Ages Ag "Eandall's Thumb;" "Creati of Impulse ; " " A Sensation Nov€ "Happy Arcadia" (Gallery of lustration) ; " The Palace of Tru1 a fairy comedy in three acts, brou out in Nov., 1870 ; " Pygmalion Gtalatea," a fairy comedy, in tl acts, brought out in Dec., 1^ " The Wicked World," a fj comedy in three acts, brought in Jan., 1873; and "Charity, play in four acts, brought out Jan., 1874, at the Haynuu Theatre, where the three preced pieces had also first appea " Sweethearts," a dramatic cont in two acts, was produced at Prince of Wales's Theatre, in N 1874. "Broken Hearts," a h comedy, was produced at the Cc Theatre, in 1876, "Tom Cobb, three act farcical comedy, at St. James's in the same year, " Trial by Jury " (written in < junction with Dr. Arthur Sullivi at the Eoyalty. This was foUo' by "Dan'l Dmce," a three drama, at the Haymarket ; and ' again by " Engaged," a three farcical comedy, at the same thea the " Ne'er-do- Weel" (Olym Feb. 25, 1878) ; " Gretchen " (01 pic, March 24, 1879) ; " Fogger Fairy," Criterion ; and the " I cerer," a two act opera (writ in conjunction with Dr. Art Sullivan), which was produced the Opera Comique in Sept., 1(