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20, 1865, when he was sworn of the Privy Council, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and a Cabi- net Minister Jan. 26, 1866, retiring with the Bussell ministry in June of that year. On the accession of Mr. Gladstone to power, in Dec, 1868, he was appointed President of the Poor-Law Board, which office he held till March, 1871, when he succeeded Mr. Childers as First Lord of the Admiralty. He went out of office with his party in Feb., 1874. At the general election which was held in that vear he was the only Liberal candidate returned for the City. The numbers were: — Alderman Cotton, 8,397; Mr. Twells, 8,330; Mr. Hubbard, 8,210; and Mr. Goschen, 6,787. Alderman W. Lawrence and Baron Rothschild failed to secure their election, polling respectively only 6,654 and 6,490 votes. In 1876 Mr. Gdschen and M. Joubert were chosen as .delegates of the British and French holders of the Egyptian debts to concert measures for the conversion of the debts. They proceeded to Egypt, where they were received by the Ehedive (Aug. 14), and even- tually an agreement was signed at Cairo (Nov. 18) for a reorganisation of the finances and pubHc debt of Egypt. On July 17, 1878, Mr. Gdschen issued an address to the Liberal electors of the City of Lon- don, declining to come forward again at the next general election, on the ground that his votes on the County Franchise question had not been in accord with the views generally entertained by the party. Mr. Gdschen attended the Inter- national Monetary Conference held at the Foreign Office, Paris, in Aug., 1878. In May, 1880, imme- diately after Mr. Gladstone's acces- sion to power, Mr. Gdschen con- sented to undertake the special duties of Ambassador Extraordinary at Constantinople, replacing Sir Henry Layard, who retired, nomi- nally on leave of absence, but in fact finally. Before proceeding to

Constantinople Mr. Gdschen the most important political in Europe, and this was t) step towards the formatioi European concert for the ex of the unperformed parts Treaty of Berlin. In 18 ambassadors of the Great ] in the Conference of Cor nople, after long and patien tiations, joined in a note Greek Government recomm the acceptance of the utmo Turkey could be brought t< The new frontier line U greater part of Epirus, with and Met2sovo, to Turkey, Greece possession of alm< Thessaly, and the command GuH of Arta. The Cab Athens was forced, under pi to agree to this frontier line deprived Greece of nearly on of the territory promisea to Berlin. It was admitted by Powers that the assent of ' to these terms was obtained through the persistence an< ness of Mr. Gdschen. His i came to an end in April, 1881 Gi^schen was appointed an siastical Commissioner for £ in Nov., 1882. He has written on financial questions, and h tise on " The Theory of the I Exchanges" (5th edit.), 18 been translated into French L^n Say. He has publis pamphlet form his " Speech Oxford University Tests Al Bill," 1865, and his "Spe Bankruptcy Legislation anc Commercial Subjects," 1868. GOSSE, Edkund Williaj son of Mr. Philip Henry F.E.S., was born in Londoi 21, 1849, and educated in '. shire. He was appointed ae librarian at the British Mus 1867 ; and received in 1875 tl of Translator to the Board of In 1872 and 1874 he visited N Denmark, and Sweden for tl pose of studying the literal those countries; and in 19