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Armature of the Genital Organs in the family Papilionidai; the first-fmit of which is now being published in the Transactions of the Linnean Society. In the Eoyal Society's "Catalogue of Scient. Papers" (1863), fifty-one are attiibuted to Mr. Gosse's pen ; and he has published a few more since that period.

GOT, Francois Jules Edmond, a poptdar French comedian, born at Lignerolles (Orae), Oct. 1, 1822, received his education at the College Charlemagne, and after being employed for a short time at the Prefecture of the Seine, entered M. Provosfs class at the Conservatoire, where, in 1842, he carried off the second, and in 1843 the first prize for comedy. After a year's compulsory service in the army, he made his first bow to a Parisian audience in 1844 at the Comedie Fran9ais, of which Society he became a member in 1850. M. Got's reputation steadily increased, and he is now most deservedly regarded as one of the cleverest comic actors on the French stage. He excels in the representation of the leading comic parts in the old classical dramas, and has created scores of original characters in modern pieces. M. Got's name has been frequently before the public, in connection with the internal dissensions of the Comedie Fran- ^aise. When M. Got and his colleagues of the Th^dtre Francjaise visited London in 1871, they were entertained at a public dinner at the Crystal Palace. On Aug. 4, 1881, M. Turquet, the Under Secretary of State for Fine Arts, publicly conferred the Cross of the Legion of Honour on M. Got at the Conservatoire. It was as Professor of the Conservatoire that M. Got received this high recom- pense for his services.

GOUGH, John B., born at Sandgate, Kent, Aug. 22, 1817. In 1829 he emigrated to New York, learned the trade of a bookbinder.

and fell into habits of ini In October, 1842, he ^ to attend a temperanc Here he took the pledge ence, and soon began advocate the principle, tation as an orator sprc the United States and C reached England. In London Temperance Lea him to visit Great Bri visit, intended to las weeks, was protracted t< during which he adv cause of temperance the island. He then r labours in America. ] again came to Eng lectured with still grea until 1860, when he r America. He now bega on other topics with gT< acquiring a large inoom< he published his " Autob a volume of " Orations collection of ** Tempe: tures," 1879; and "Sr Shadow, or Gleanings Life-Work," 1880. L announced that he wa leave the field as a publi but he has subsequent! at intervals. In 1878 visited England. He U residing at Boylston,

GOULBURN, BisHOi Thomas, Dr.)

GOULBUEN, The ^ Edwabd Meybick, D.I Norwich, son of Edward Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, 1 1818, was educated at Balliol College, Oxford he was elected a schoU and where he graduate 1839, taking first-class the School of Literce I and was elected Fellow College in 1841. Havii some years a college conjointly with the inci Holywell, in Oxford, he in 1850 successor to Dr. of Carlisle in the H<