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Literature and Philosophy. On his return to Nova Scotia, he spent some time as a missionary in the Maritime Provinces^ and became pastor of St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, a position he held until his acceptance, in 1877, of the Principalshipof Queen's University. As President of this institution. Dr. Grant has been conspicuously suc- cessful. Dr. Grant is an able littera- teur and an a/iComjpiliBhed writer. In 1872 he published *' Ocean to Ocean," an interesting diary of a tour across the American Continent, in con- nection with a surveying expedition, to locate the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. At present Prin- cipal Grant is editing " Picturesque Canada, an elaborate work illus- trative of the scenery, the industries, and the social life of the Canadian Dominion.

GEANT, James, was born at Edinburgh, Aug. 1, 1822. When only ten years old he sailed with his father, who had the command of a detachment of soldiers, for Newfoundland, and was several years with the troops in America, his education being principally received in barracks. To this military training maybe traced the style and character of many of his works. Returning home in 1839, he was gazetted to an ensigncy in the 62nd foot, joined the provisional battalion at Chatham, and in 1840 had charge of the dep6t. He left the army soon afterwards, and de- voted himself to literature and the study of Scottish antiquities. His first work, " The Romance of War j or, Highlanders in Spain," was published in 1846; an additional volume appearing in 1847, with the secondary title of " Highlanders in Belgium." It was followed by "Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp, or a Campaign in Calabria," 1848 ; " Memoirs of Kircaldy of Grange," 1840; "Walter Fenton, or the Scottish Cavalier," 1850; "Memo- rials of Edinburgh CasUe," illus- trated by drawings of bis own.

1850; "BothweU, or the Days of Mary Queen of Scots," 1851; "Me- moirs of Sir John Hepburn, Marshal of France, and Colonel of the Scots Brigade," 1851 ; " Jane Seton, or the King's Advocate," 1853; "Philip Rollo, or the Scottish Musketeers," 1854, published in Paris as "Les Mousquetaires ^cossais ; " " Frank Hilton, or the Queen's Own," 1855 ; "The Yellow Frigate," 1855; "The Phantom Regiment," 1856; "Harry Ogilvie, or the Black Dragoon," 1856 ; " Laura Everingham," 1857 ; " Memoirs of the Marquis of Mon- trose " (illustrated with designs by himself) ; "Arthur Blane, or the Hundred Cuirassiers," 1858 ; " The CavaHers of Fortune." 1858; "Lucy Arden, a Tale of 1715," 1859 ; " Le- gends of the Black Watch," 1859 ; " Mary of Loraine," 1860 ; " OHver Ellis, or the Fusiliers," 1861; "Dick Rodney, or the Adventures of an Eton Boy," 1862 ; "Captain of the Guard," 1862 ; "Adventures of Rob Roy," 1863; "Second to None," 1864; "King's Own Borderers," 1865 ; "Constable of France," 1866 ; " The White Cockade," 1867 ; " First Love and Last Love, a Tale of the Indian Mutiny," 1868 ; " The Secret Despatch," 1869; "The Girl he Married," 1869; "Lady Wedder- bum's Wish, a Tale of the Crimean War," 1870; "Only an Ensign," 1871 ; " Under the Red Dragon," 1872; "British Battles on Land and Sea," vol. i., 1873 ; " British Heroes in Foreign Wars," new edit., 1873 ; " ShaU I Win Her ? " 1874 ; " Fairer than a Fairy," 1874 ; and " Six Years Ago," 1877. Most of these works have been printed in the United States; all nave been translated into German and Danish, and several into French. Mr. Grant has been a constant contributor of memoirs to the Dvhlin University Magazine, the United Service Maga- nine. Sec. In 1852 he prepared tibe "Memorial" which was presented to the House of Lords by the Duke of Richmond, in the name of 200 Peninsula lieutenants, craving the