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male, and General Gallifet. Forty- three voting-papers were blank, and 87 senators and deputies were ab- sent.

GEEY (Eabl), The Eioht Hon. Henbt Gbet, K.G., born Dec. 28, 1802, the eldest son of the late earl, who was Premier in 1830-34, was educated at Trinity College, Cam- bridge, and, as Lord Howick, was returned to the House of Commons in 1826, as member for Winchelsea, in 1830 for Higham Ferrars, at the general election of 1831 for North- umberland, and after the passing of the Reform Bill for the northern division of that county. On the formation of his father's ministry, he was appointed Under-Secretary for the Colonies, but in 1833 re- signed, in consequence of the deter- mination of the Cabinet not to attempt the immediate emancipa- tion of the slaves. He afterwards held for a short period the post of Under-Secretary for Home Affairs, and on the formation of the Mel- bourne administration in 1835 be- came Secretary at War. Having at the general election of 1841 lost his seat for Northumberland, which he had represented for ten years, he was returned in September of that year for Sunderland, and exer- cised his powers as a debater in opposition to the Peel government. Lord Howick succeeded his father as third Earl Grey, July 17, 1845, and on the construction of a Whig cabinet by Lord J. Russell in 1846, accepted the position of Secretary of State for the Colonies, resigning with his colleagues in 1852. Lord Grey, who figured prominently in the opposition to Lord Derby, was not included in the Coalition cabi- net, did not approve the policy of Lord Aberdeen's cabinet in de- claring war against Russia, and explained his peculiar views on this question in a long speech, May 25, 1855. His lordship is the author of "Colonial Policy of Lord Rus- seirs Administration," 1853, and of "Essay on Parliamentai-y Go-

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