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he visited the South Pass, as a mem- ber of Mr. J. B. Ead's Advisory Board, and remained in constant commanication with that distin- guished engineer till the summer of 1879, when Mr. Bad's well- planned operations to deepen the South Pass and Mouth, by means of parallel jetties, as at Sulina, were crowned with complete suc- cess. In 1875-77, he acted as Con- sulting Engineer to the Cattewater Commissioners for the Cattewater Breakwater at Plymouth. In May, 1879, he was appointed a member of the Panama Congress, but ab- stained from voting in favour of M. de Lesseps' Panama-Colon pro- ject, as he considered that the engineering data collected up to that time were insufficient to deter- mine satisfactorily the best route for a ship canal across the Isthmus. In Sept. 1879, on the nomination of the Board of Trade, he acted as um- pire in a dispute between the Thames Conservancy and the Metropolitan Board of Works. In 1881 he pre- pared detailed surveys, plans, and estimates for the enlargement of the harbour of Eustendjie, in Roumania. He is the author of two papers on " The ^ Delta of the Danube," and of " Notes on Public Works in the United States and Canada." He has been decorated with the Orders of the Mediidie and the Star of Eoumania, and has re- ceived the Stephenson prize, the Tel- ford medal, the Watt medal, the Telford premium, and the Manby premium, from the Institution of Civil Engineers.

HAETMANN, Alfbed, a Swiss author, was born Jan. 1, 1814, at Langenthal, in the Canton of Berne, and attended from 1827 to 1831 the schools of Solothum. After the latter date he studied law in the universities of Munich, Heidel- berg, and Berlin. During a pro- longed visit to Paris, however, he lost all taste for jurisprudence, and devoted himself to literary pursuits. On returning to his native ooimtry

he permanently fixed his residence at Solothum, where he formed a close friendsidp, amongst others, with the well-known painter, Dis- teli, and where (from 1845) he pub- lished a comic periodical (^eJled the Postheiri. But Hartmann became best known through his Helvetic romance, " Meister Putsch und seine GeseUe^ ." 1858 ; and, in the depart- ment of oiography, by his sketch of his friend " Martin Disteli," 1861 ; " H. J. Von Staal," 1861; "Galerie bertthmter Schweitzer " (Oallery of celebrated natives of Switzerland), 2 vols., 1863-71 ; " Hory, Kanzler- DenkwOrdigkeiten," 1876. Among his other works may be mentioned " Kiltabendsgeschichten," 1853-55 ; "Erz&hlungen aus der Schweiz " (Stories of Switzerland), 1863; "Junker und Bilrffer," 1865, an historical romance or the latter days of the old Helvetic Confederation ; " Schweizemovellen," 1877 ; "Neue Schweizemovellen," 1879 ; and " Fortunat," 1879.

HATTON, John Liptbot, was bom in Liverpool about 1815. He is almost entirely self-educated, having only had a few lessons in the elemente of music. Mr. Hatton came to London at the age of twenty ; assisted in " Acis and Galatea," at Drury Lane Theatre, in 1843 ; and his operetta, " Queen of the Thames," was produced at that theatre in 1844. He visited Vienna and brought out an opera, " Pascal Bruno," in the same year. The English opera "Eoee; or. Love's Bansom," was produced at Covent Garden in 1864 ; subse- quently he became Musioskl Direc- tor at the Princess's Theatre. Mr. Hatton wrote original music to " Sardanapalus," " Pizarro," "Henry VIII.," "Richard II.," "King Lear;" overture and entr'actes to " Faust und Mar- guerite," &c. ; cantata "Bobin Hood," performed at the Bradford Musical Festival ; a large number of part songs — "When Evening's Twilight," "The Tar's Song,"