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Sidney Dacres> when that officer commanded the Channel Fleet, and subseouently, as Bear-Admiral, he himself held that post, succeeding Admiral Wellesley. He attained flag-rank in 1869, and became Vice- Admiral in 1875. He was appointed Commander-in-Chief of her Ma- jesty's naval forces in the Mediter- ranean, and he held that respon- sible position during the trying times in 1878, when war was apprehended between this country and Bussia, and when our fleet was ordered to the Dardanelles. He was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, Aug. 12, 1878. Subsequently he was appoint- ed to succeed Admiral Sir Charles Shadwell as President of the Boyal Naval College, Greenwich, for a term of three years, to date from March 1, 1881. In addition to his professional acquirements. Admiral Hornby is a proflcient mathemati- cian and a arood French scholar. He is also thoroughly acauainted with the routine of Admiralty affairs, having served imder Mr. Ward Hunt as a Lord of the Admiralty in Lord Beaconsfleld's Administration, as his father had served in that of the late Lord Derby. It may be added that Admiral Hornby is a cousin of Lord Derby and a brother of Dr. Hornby, the nead master of Eton. He married in 1853 Emily Frances, daughter of the late Be v. John Coles, of Ditcham Park, Hants. He is a magistrate for Sussex, in which county he owns the residen- tial property of Little Qreen, near Petersfield.

HOBNBY, Th« Bbv. Jambs John, D.D., son of the late Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby, G.C.B., of Little Gi^een, Sussex, was born at Winwick, in 1826, and educated at Eton under the Bev. Dr. Hawtrey, and at Balliol College, Oxford, where, in 1849, he took a flrst class in classics, besides distinguishing himself in aquatic sports and in aU athletic exercises. In 1849 he

became a Fellow of Brasenoee Col- lege, and in 1854 Tutor and Prin- cipal of Bishop Coeen's Hall in the University of Durham. Betum- ing to Oxford in 1864, he became Classical Lecturer at Brasenose, and in 1866 was Senior Proctor of the University. At the close of the latter year he was elected Second Master of Winchester School, which poet he retained till his appointment as Head liaster of Eton in Jan. 1868. Dr. Hornby was appointed one of Her Majesty's honorary chaplains in Feb. 1882.

HOBNE, BiCHABD Henoist, poet, essayist, and critic, born early in the present century, was educated for the army at the Boyal Military College, Sandhurst, but entered the Mexican navy as a midshipman ; was at the bombard- ment of Vera Cruz and the taking of the fortress of San Juan Ulloa, and was in active service until the close of the war between Mexico and Spain. He had a narrow es- cape from a shaj*k while swimming in the Bay of Vera Cruz, and sul^ sequently he took the yellow fever. He sailed to the United States, visited the Mohawk, Huron, Oneida, and other Indian tribes, went to Niagara, and had two ribs broken beneath the cataract. He was wrecked in the Gulf of St. Lawrence ; and sailed from Nova Scotia in a timber-ship, ^i^ch took fire on the way after a mutiny on board. He returned to England, devoted himself to literature, and publifi^ed " The Exposition of the False Medium and Barriers ex- icluding Men of Genius from the Public," "The Spirit of Peers and People," a national tragi- comedy; the tragedies of "The Death of Marlowe," "Cosmo de Medici," " The Fetches," " Gregory VII.," and the epic, "Orion,'^ be- sides a volume of Ballad Bo- mances. His prose writings are very numerous, the lar^r portion having appeared in penodi(Mkl pub- lications^ to which he has been a