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a younger son of the late Mr. JoflJiua Ingham^ of Blake Hall^ in the West Biding of Yorkshire, by Martha, daughter of Mr. James Taylor, of Halifax. He was born in 1805, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. in 1832. He was called te the bar at the Inner Temple in 1882, joined the Northern Circuit, and practised at the West Biding Sessions. In 1849 he was appointed one of the magistrates of the Thames Police Court, whence he was subsequently transferred to the Hammersmith and Wands- worth Police Courts. He succeeded the late Sir Thomas Henry as Chief Magistrate of the police courts in London in July, 1876, when he received the honour of knighthood. He married, in 1835, Gertrude, daughter of the late Mr. James Penrose, of Woodhill, co. Cork.

INGLEBY, .Clement Mans- field, LL.D., metaphysician and critic, born Oct. 29, 1828, at Edg- basten, Birmingluun, being the only son of a mofft eminent soliciter of that tewn ; was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., with mathe- matical honours, in 1847; M.A. in 1850; and LL.D. in 1859. He was Teacher of Logic at the Midland Institute from 1855 to 1858. Dr. Ingleby is a yice-president of the Boyal Society of Literature, a Trustee of Shakspere's Birth- place, and an Honorary Member of the German Shakspere Society. He has contributed to the Saturday and Fortnightly Reviews, the Parthe- non, the Academy, Once a Week, and many other periodicals. He is the author of "Outlines of Theoretical Logic," 1856; "The Shakspere Fabrications," 1859; "A Com- plete View of the Shakspere Con- troversy," 1861; "The Still Lion," 1867 and 1874; "Was Thomas Lodge an Actor?" 1867; " An Introduction to Metaphysics," 1869; "The Revival of Philo-

sophy at Cambridge," 1870 " Shakspere's Centurie of Prayse " 1874 and 1879; "Shakspere's Hermeneutics," 1875 ; and " Shakspere, the Man and the Book," 2 vols. 1877 and 1881 ; and he has edited several works for the New Shakspere Society.

INGLEFIELD, Vicb-Admibal Sib Edwabd Auqustus, C.B., F.B.S., son of the late Admiral Samuel Hood Inglefield, C.B., by Priscilla Margaret, daughter of Admiral Albany Otway, was born at Cheltenham in 1820. He was educated at the Boyal Naval Col- lege, Portsmouth, and entered the Navy as a flr8t-<^a8s volunteer on board Her Majesty's ship Etna in 1834. Having seen some active service in several ships on the South American and West Indian stetions, and in 1840 taken part in the operations on the coast of Syria, where he formed one of the storming party at the capture of Sidon and assisted at the bombard- ment of Acre, he was invested with the rank of Lieutenant on the occa- sion of Her Majesty visiting Scot- land in the Boyal George yacht in 1842, and afterwards acted as Flag- Lieutenant to his father on the American coast. There he was present at the battle of the Parana, where the combined fieete of Eng- land and France effected the de- struction of four heavy batteries belong^g to General Bosas at Punta Obligado. He was conse- quently confirmed in the rank of Commander by commission, dated Nov., 1845. He became Captain in Oct., 1858, attained flag rank in 1869, and was promoted to Vice- Admiral in 1875. He was second in command on the Mediterranean station, and superintendent of Malta dockyard from 1872 to 1877 ; and Commander-in-Chief on the North American station from 1878 to 1879. He commanded three Arctic expeditions, and was knighted in 1877 for his Arctic services. He is a Fellow of the Boyal Society, and