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Fraser^s Magazine, the Dvhlin Uni- versity Magazine, Temple Bar, and other periodical publications, Mr. Jeaffreson has also been a copions contributor to the Athenceum, and a diligent writer on the daily press of London. The annual Blue Book Reports of Her Majesty's Commis- sion on Historical Manuscripts show that, as one of their Inspectors of Records and Documents, Mr. Jeaffreson has of late years spent much time in the examination of ancient writings in different parts of the kingdom, and has done much service to literature in collecting materials for future historians. In his service to the Commission, which has accomplished so much for his- torical research, Mr. Je£dSfreson ac- quired the knowledge of the pen- manship and official writings of the Elizabethan period which enabled him, in two elaborate letters to the AthencBum (of the 29th of April, and the 27th of May, 1882), to demon- strate to the satisfaction of paloeo- graphic experts and Shakespearian specialists, that, instead of being intended for the testament itself, William Shakespeare's will (pre- served at the Will Office, Somerset House) was in the first instance a mere rough draft of instructions for a will, and that, instead of being in its body the })erformance of a scrivener or other legal draughts- man, the document was written throughout by Shakespeare himself — a discovery that, by giving the explorers of old muniments a fine and rare s})ecimen of the poet's usual handwriting may have mo- mentous results in the domains of Shakespearian enquiry. Mr. Jeaffre- Bon's latest work is, "The Eeal Lord Byron: New Views of the Poet's Life," 2 vols., 1883.

JEBB, The Rbv. John, D.D., nephew of the late Br. Jebb, some time Bishop of Limerick, born in Dublin in 1805, was educated at Win- chester, and Trinity College, Dub- lin. Having held a rectory and a prebendal stall in the diocese of

Limerick, in 1843 he was presented to the rectory of Peterstow, Here- fordshire, was in 1860 appointed a Prebendary, and in 1870 a Canon Residentiary of Hereford Cathe- dral. He has written " The Divine Economy of the Church," "The Choral Service of the Church of England ;" has edited the " Choral Responses and Litanies of the Church," with preface; has also written, " Six Letters on the Present State of the Church," " Lectures on the Cathedral Service." "A New Translation of the Book of Psalms, with Dissertations ;" and has pub- lished several single sermons. He is now a Proctor in Convocation for the clergy of Hereford,

JEBB, RicHABO Clavebhoubb, bom at Dundee, Aug. 27, 1841, is son of Robert Jebb, Esq., formerly counsel for the Revenue in Ireland ; grandson of the late Mr. Justice Jebb ; and grand-nephew of Bishop Jebb. He was educated at St. Columba's College, co. Dublin ; at Charterhouse School, London ; and at Trinity College,Cambridge,where he graduated as senior olaesic in 1862, and was soon afterwards elec- ted a Fellow. As a classical lecturer of his College, he took a foremost part in organising at Cambridge Uie system of Inter-CoUegiate Classical Lectures, and was the first secretary of an association of college lec- turers for that purpose. Along with Professor E. B. Cowell, he was also instrumental in founding the Cambridge Philological Society, of which he was the first secretaiy. In 1869 he was chosen by the Se- nate to be Public Orator of the Uni- versity. In 1871 he was nominated by the University as a Governor of Charterhouse School; in 1872 he was elected Classical Examiner in the University of London ; and was also appointed Tutor of Trinity College; but resigned these posts on bemg called, in 1875, to fill the chair of Greek in the University of Glasgow. In 1878 he received horn the King of the Hellenes the Gold