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Essay, "De Origine Scripturae Alphabeticse/' was elected Fellow and Classical Lecturer of St. John's College in 1828, became an Assist- ant Master at Harrow, under Dr. Longley, in 1830, and was appointed Head Master of Shrewsbury School, vacant by the promotion of Dr. Butler to the see of Lichfield, in 1836. In 1841 he was appointed by Bishop Bowstead Prebendary of Lichfield ; in 1857, by Bishop Lons- dale, Preacher for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel ; and in 1860 Select Preacher in the University of Cambridge. He was presented to the rectory of West Felton, Salop, in 1865 (which he resigned in 1868), resigned the Head Mastership of SlS-ewsbury School at Midsummer, 1866, and was appointed Begins Professor of Greek at Cambridge and Canon of Ely in 1867. He was elected a Member of the Council of that Uni- versity in 1870 J and was appointed the Lady Margaret's Preacher for the year 1873. In 1880 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of St. John's College. Dr. Kennedy has contributed largely to the " Sabrinse Corolla," 1850, 3rd edit. 1866 j and has published " The Psalter in English Verse," 1860, 2nd edit. 1877; "The Public School Latin Grammar," 1871, 6th edit. 1882; "The Birds of Aristophanes, translated into English Verse," 1874; a school edition of "Vir- gil," 1876, 3rd edit. 1881; "Be- tween Whilos" (a collection of Greek, Latin, and English poetry),

1877, 2nd edit. 1882; "Occa- sional Sermons preached in the University of Cambridge and else- where,with an Appendix of Hymns," 1877; "The Agamemnon of iBs- chylus, with Poetic Translation,"

1878, 2nd edit. 1882 ; " The Theffitetus of Plato, with Trans- lation," 1881 ; " The (Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, with Poetic Translation," 1882 ; " Ely Lec- tures on the Revised Translation of the New Testament," 1882. He

also published, while Head Master of Shrewsbury, various books for school instruction: "Tirocinium" (a first Latin reading-book), " Pa- laestra Latina " (a second Latin reading-book), "Curriculum Stili Latini/' and others.

KENNION, The Eight Ebv. GBORas Wtndham, D.D., Bishop of Adelaide, born about 1846, was educated at Oriel College, Oxford (B.A. 1867, M.A. 1871). He was ordained deacon in 1869 by the Bishop of Tuam, and priest in the following year by the Archbishop of York. He was domestic chap- lain to the Bishop of Tuam 1869-^ 70 ; curate of Doncaster 1870-71 ; York Diocesan Inspector of Schools 1871-73 ; vicar of St. Paul's, Scul- coates, Kingston-on-Hull, 1873-76 ; and vicar of All Saints', Bradford, from 1876 until his advancement to the episcopate. On Nov. 30, 1882, he was consecrated, in Westminster Abbey, Bi^op of Adelaide, in suc- cession to Dr. Short, who had re- signed the see, which comprises the whole of South Australia.

KENEICK, The Most Ebv. Pbtbb Eichabd, D.D., Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1806. He was educated at Maynooth, and or- dained a priest in Ireland, but soon afterwards emigrated to Philadelphia, where his brother (the late Archbishop of Baltimore) was then coadjutor to the Bishop. Here he edited the Catholic Herald for several years, and published various works, original and trans- lated. He was ^o made Vicar- General of the diocese. In 1841 Bishop Eosati, of St. Louis, re- quested his nomination as his coad- Stor with the right of succession, e was consecrated Bishop of Drasa in partibus, and coadjutor of St. Louis, Nov. 30, 1841. In 1843, on the death of Bishop Eosati, Dr. Kenrick became Bishop of St. Louis, and in 1847 the first Arch- bishop of that city. He has been very successful in promoting the