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lighthouse works of Messrs. Chance^ near Birmingham. About 1857 he began to investigate the literature and antiquities of the Celtic races, particularly of the Kymric branch. His miscellany of prose and verse, entitied *' For Cambria/* was pub- lished in 1868. It includes a num- ber of poems on the antiquities and scenic beauties of Wales and Brit- tany. His "Account of the Life and Writings of the Bev. John Williams ab Ithel" followed in 1871. In 1871 also appeared " Oriel/' a narrative poem in blank verse on social topics and manners. His latest poem, " Eddystone," was privately printed in 1881. He is the author of several papers and lectures in archaeology, philosophy, and literature. Mr. Kenward is an associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers. In 1874 he received from the Emperor of Russia the Cross of the Order of St. Stanislas. KEPPEL, Thb Hon Sib Henbt, G.C.B., Vice-Admiral, a younger son of the late Earl of Albemarle, bom June 14, 1809, entered the navy at an early age, was made Lieutenant in 1829, and Commander in 1833. In command of the Childers, 16 gpins, he served on the south coast of Spain during the civil war of 1834-5, afterwards on the west coast of Africa, was made Captain in 1837, and commanded the Dido from 1841 till 1845, during which time he was employed in the China war of 1848, and afterwards in the suppression of piracy in the Eastern Archipelago. From Nov., 1847, till July, 1851, he commanded the Meander, 44 guns, on the China and Pacific stations ; in May, 1853, was appointed to the command of the 8t, Jean d'Acre, 101 guns; served in the Baltic and in the Black Sea, and having in July, 1855, exchanged into tne Rodney, 74 guns, obtained command of the Naval Brigade before Sebastopol. After the fall of that stronghold he returned to England, and was ap- pointed to the Colo89U8, In Sept.

1856, he hoisted his pennant as Commodore on board uie Raleigh, 52 guns, and proceeded to Chin^ where his ship was lost by striking on an unknown rock. He com- manded a division of boats at the destruction of the Chinese war fleet in the Fatshan Creek, June 1,

1857, for which service he was made a K.C.B., and on attaining flag rank, he returned to England. In 1859 he was made Groom in Wait- ing to the Queen, which office he relinquished in May, 1860, on being appointed to the Cape of Good Hope as naval Commander-in-Chief, from which he was transferred to the Brazilian station. In Jan. 1867, he hoisted his flag on board the Rodney, as Vice-Admiral Com- mander-in-Chief on the China and Japan station. He returned to England in Dec. 1869, on attaining the rank of full Admiral, and was made D.C.L. of Oxford in 1870. He was created a G.C.B. in 1871* and he became an Admiral of the Fleet in 1877. He is a Commander of the Legion of Honour, and Mediidie of the second class. Sir H. Keppel has written " Expedition to Borneo, with Bajah Brooke's Journal/' published in 1847, and

  • ' Visit to the Indian Archipelago."

EJ^ATBY, Emile, Comtb ds, was born at Paris, Mardi 20, 1832, of an ancient Breton family, his father being Count Auguste Hila- rion Keralary, who died in 1859. Having completed his studies at the Lyceums of St. Lomis and of Louis-le-Grand, he entered as a volunteer the Ist regiment of Chas- seurs d'Afrique in 1854, went through the Crimean campaign, removed successively to the 1st regiment of Spahis and of Cuiras- siers, and in 1859 was appointed sous-lieutenant in the 5th regiment of Lancers. In 1861 he exchanged into the 3rd regiment of Chasseurs d'Afrique, in order that he might make the campaign in Mexico ; and in 1864 he was detached as Captain commanding the second squadron of