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Thatched House Club, St. James' Street ; the public garden and foun- tain in Leicester Square ; Albert mansions in Victoria Street; and St. Saviour's, St. Philip's, and St. Stephen's Churches at Clapham. Mr. Knowles has also been engaged in literature from an early age, contributing many articles to jour- nals and reyiews, and in 1860 compiling (from Sir Thomas Malory) " The Story of King Arthur," which reached a sixth edition. In 1869 he originated The Metaphysical Society," a club consisting of forty members, chiefly being eminent representatives of the most various forms of contemporary thought and belief on speculative subjects — ^Anglican, Roman Catholic, Non- conformist, Positivist, Agnostic, and Atheistic — and constituted for the full, free, and confidential dis- cussion of philosophical questions. In 1870 he succeeded Dean Alford in the editorship of the Contem- porary Review, which, by enlisting the aid of the members of the Metaphysical Society, he raised to a position of influence and import- ance. In 1877, owing to a change in the proprietorship of the CorUem- porary Review, a separation took place between it and Mr. Knowles, when — supported by more than one hundred writers of oelebrity (mostly members of the Metaphysical Society and contributors to the Contemporary Review) — ^he esta- blished The Nineteenth Century, a monthly review, in which, as his own property, the principle of the unfettered and imbiassed discussion of all topics of public interest by authors signing their own names» might be preserved without inter- ference. The Nineteenth Century immediately attained and pre- serves a circulation unprecedented amongst sinular undertakings.

KNOX, Thh Right Rbv. Robbbt Bent, D.D., Bishop of Down, Con- nor and Drcmiore, son of the late Hon. and Venerable C. S[noz, arch- deacon of Armagh, and a relative

of the Earl of Ranfurly, was bofm in 1808, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. Having been suc- cessively. Prebendary of Limerick and Chancellor of Ardfert and Aghadoe, he was advanced to the episcopate in 1849.

KOCH, Kabl Hbinbioh £m- MANUBL, born at Weimar in 1809, studied the natural sciences and medicine at Wilrzburg and Jena. In 1836 he undertook a scientific journey to Southern Russia, the result of which was his intereurting work, " A Journey across Russia to the Isthmus of the Caucasus," pub- lished in 1812-3. On his return to Jena he was appointed Assistant- ProfessOT of Botany, and in 1843 set out again to explore Turkey, Armenia, the Pontus, the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus, in order to collect the materials of a work, entitled " Wanderings in the East," which appeared in 1846-7. The third volume, under the title of " The Crimea and Odessa," had be^a in part publi^ed when the war in the East broke out. Koch has written a number of works on various subjects in natural history, and published in 1851 an excellent map of the " Caucasian Isthmus," with explanatory notes on the political, ethnographical, botani- cal, and geogn<Mtic state of the country.

KOSSUTH, Louis, ex-Governor of Hungary, was born April 21, 1802, at Monok, in the county of Zemplin, where his father was a small owner, of the noble dass. Louis was educated at the Pro- testant College of Scharaaehpatack, where he quiJifled himself for the profession of an advocate, obtained his diploma in 1826, and in 1830 became agent to the Countess Saa- pary, and as such sat in the Comital Assembly. At the age of twenty- seven he took his seat in the National Diet of Presburg, as re- presentative of a magnate. He published reports of the proceedings of this assembly on lithographed