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the Star of India, and the Order of the Indian Empire. Sir Alfred Lyall is the author of "Asiatic Studies, Religious and Social/' 1882.

LYNE, Joseph Letcbstbb, called

    • Father Ignatius," was born Nov.

23, 1837, at Trinity Square, by the Tower of London, educated at St. Paul's School, London, then by Rev. G. N. Wright, at Ayscough Free Hall, Spal<ung, Lincoln, and Britannia House, Worcester j next at Trinity College, Glenabnond, Perth. He was ordained in 1860, to the curacy of St. Peter's, Ply- mouth ; and was then Mission Cu- rate to Mr. Lowder at St. George's in the East, but left him to begin the attempt of restoring monaffticism in the Church of England, in 1862. He began at Claydon by Ipswich, and moved to Norwich, Jan. 30, 1863. Next he moved to the Isle of Wight, a house of Dr. Pusey's, at Ch^e, then to Laleham, Chert- sey, for three years, and finally he purchased land among the Black Mountains, and built Llanthony Abbey, five miles beyond old ruined Llanthony Priory. He is the author of many published ser- mons, poems, hymns; the "Tales of Uanthonyj" "Brother Pla- cidus;" "Leonard Morris; "and "Tales of the Monastery." He is the composer of many pieces of Sacred Music, 1860-82 ; also editor of " Llanthony Monastery Tracts." There is a Priory of Nuns attached to the Church, as well as an Abbey for Monks, fdfter the example of many of the old double Monasteries of the Saxon Church. The monks claim to follow the ancient rule of St. Benedict, and use the Benedictine Breviary for Choir office and the Sarum Missal of the ante-Bef orma- tion Church of England. They wear the old English Benedictine dress. Mr. Lyne's monastic and public name is " Ignatiiis of Jesus."

LYONS (Viscount), Thb Bioht Honourable Richard Bickebton Pemell Lyons, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., only surviving son of the first Lord

Lyons (who commanded the Bx itiah fleet in the Black Sea in 18€ S-6), was born at Lymington, April 26, 1817, and succeeded to his father's title Nov. 23, 1858. Having been educated at Winchester and Ohrist Church, Oxford, he was appointed unpaid Attach^ at Athens in 1839, and paid Attache in 1841, at Dres- den in 1852, at Florence (residing at Bome) in 1853, Secretaiy of Le- gation there (residing at Bome) in 1856, and Envoy to Tusoany in 1858. He was accredited as Envoy Extraordinary to the United States in Dec., 1858, returned to England on account of ill health in Feb., 1865, was appointed Ambassador at Constantinople in Aug., 1865, and was transferred to Paris in July, 1867. He was made a K.C.B. in 1860, a G.C.B. in 1862 ; was sworn of the Privy Council, March 9, 1865; and made an honorary D.CJLi. at Oxford, June 21, 1865. In Nov., 1881, he was created Yisoount Lyons, of Christ Church, in the county of Southampton.

LYSONS, General Sir Danibl, E.C.B., son <^ the late Bev. Daniel Lysons, M.A., F.B.S., of Hempeted Court, Gloucestershire (well known as an antiquary and a topographer), by his second wife Josepha Catherine Susanna, daughter of John Gilbert Cooper, Esq., of Thurgarton Priory, Nottinghamshire. He was born at Bodmarton, Gloucestershire, in 1816, and educated at Shrewsbury School. Entering the army as en- sign in the Ist Boyals in 1834, he served through the Canadian rebellion (1838-39), including the actions of St. Denis and St. Eus- tache. He was Deputy Assistant Quartermaster -General from 1838 to 1841. Afterwards he was pro- moted to a captaincy in tiie 3rd West India B^iment, and in 1844 he was transferred to the 22nd Boyal Welsh Fusiliers. He was Brigade Major at Barbadoes from 1844 to 1847. In 1849 he was ap- pointed Town Major at Portsmouth. He served throughout the Crimean