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edit.) 88 " Mottoes for the Million; or. Evenings with my Working Men," 1866; "Self: its Dangers, Doubts, and Duties," 1862; "The Miracles of Christ, Expository and Critical," 1863; " St. Peter Non- Boman in his Mission, Ministry, and Martyrdom," 1871. Mr. Ma- guire has also edited, with copious annotations, the two volumes of "Cassell's Illustrated Bunyan," 1864-65.

MAGENTA, Due de. (See Mac- Mahon.)

MAHAFPY, The Eev. John Pentland, was born Feb. 26, 1839, at Chaponnaire, near Yevay on the Lake of Geneva, in Switzerland, and was educated in Germany by his parents, till he entered Trinity College, Dublin, in 1856. He was elected to a scholarship in 1858, and obtained two Senior Moderator- ships (in Classics and in Philosophy) at his degree in 1859; got his Fellowship by competition in 1864; was appointed Precentor of the Chapel, with control of the college choir, in 1867; Professor of Ancient History, 1871 (which office he now holds); and Donnellan lecturer in 1873. He obtained the Gold Cross of the Order of the Saviour from the Eing of Greece in 1877, and wvas elected an Honorary Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, in 1882. "Mi. Mahaffy has published a trans- lation of Kxmo Fischer's "Commen- tary on Kant," 1866; "Twelve Lectures on Primitive Civilisation," 1868; "Prolegomena to Ancient History," 1871; "Kant's Critical Philosophy for English Eeaders," 1871; " Greek Social Life from Ho- mer to Menander," 1874, 2nd edi- tion, 1876, 4th edition, 1879; " Greek Antiquities," 1876; "Ram- bles and Studies in Greece," 1876, 2nd edition, 1878; " Greek Educa- tion," 1879; " A History of Classi- cal Greek Literature," 2 vols., 1880; a Eeport on the Irish Grammar Schools (in the Boyal Commission of 1880-1); " The Decay of Modern Preaching," 1882; and is now

editing the English edition of "Duruy's Eoman History," 1883; besides many papers in periodicals and reviews. He is likewise known as a sportsman. He is an experi- enced salmon fisher, and has shot in the Irish Eight at Wimbledon, and played with the Eleven of Ireland at cricket. Mr. Mahaffy is Examiner and Lecturer in Trinity College, Dublin, in Classics, Philo- sophy, Music, and Modern Lan- guages.

MAHMOUD-NEDIM PASHA, a Turkish statesman, born about 1806. A disciple of Bechid Pasha, he commenced his career in the office of the Grand Eefendary, and rose to the post of Mecktoubchi in the Hard jie (Foreign Office), thence in succession to those of Grand Chan- cellor of the Imperial Divan, and Musteschar, or Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He was subsequentiy promoted to the rank of Muchir, and served as Governor- General of Syria, and of Smyrna, then as Minister of Commerce, and, after the death of Bechid Pasha, as Governor-General of Tripoli and Barbary. He also filled for some time the post of Minister of Justice, and in 1858, during the absence of Fuad Pasha at the Conferences of Paris for the organization of Wal- lachia and Moldavia, he was charged with the Ministry, ad interim, of Foreign Affairs. In 1867, when the late A'aH Pasha became again Grand Vizier, Mahmoud Pasha occupied for a short time the post of Musteschar of the Grand Vizierat, and then passed to the Ministry of Marine, where he introduced several important reforms, and which he administered with energy and eco- nomy. Upon the death of A'ali Pasha (Sept. 6, 1871), the Sultan immediately appointed Mahmoud Pasha to the vacant post of Grand Vizier. He resigned it April 11, 1876, a few weeks before the depos- tion of the Sultan Abdul- Aziz. In Oct., 1876, a conspiracy against the new Sultaii^ Abdul-Hainid was dis-