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of translations of the " Poems and Ballads of Qaethe/' 1868. He pre- pared a translation of the Danish poet Henrik Hertz's fine lyrical drama> "King Een^'s Daughter/' which was produced on the stage with great effect, the principal character, " lolanthe," being played by Miss Helen Paucit, who in 1851 became Mr. Martin's wife. Mr. Martin's translations of (Ehlen- Bchlager's dramas, " Corregio," and " Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp," published in 1854 and 1857, have made these masterpieces of the Danish poet's genius familiar to a large circle of English readers. His metrical translation of the '*^Odes of Horace " appeared in 1860, and was immediately republished in the United States. It was followed, ten years later, by a critical essay on Horace's Life and Writings, in the " Ancient Classics for English Readers." His poetical translation of Catullus (1861, 2nd edit., 1876,) was followed by a privately printed volume of "Poems, Original and Translated," 1863, a translation of the " Vita Nuova " of Dante, and a translation of the first part of Goethe's " Faust," which, from the frequency of the editions, seems to be accepted as the best English metrical version of that famous work. In 1867 he published a memoir of Professor Aytoun. It was while he was engaged on this biography that he was requested by the Queen to write the "Life of His Eoyal Highness the Prince Consort," the first volume of which appeared in 1874. His metrical version of Heine's "Poems and Ballads" appeared in 1878. The fifth and concluding volume of the " Life of the Prince Consort," was published on March 16, 1880, and five days afterwards the author received from the hands of the Queen the honour of knighthood, and was invested with the insignia of a Knight Commander of the Bath. On Nov. 26, 1880, he was elected Rector of the University of

St. Andrews by 113 votes against 68 given for Mr. E. A. Freeman, the historian.

MARTINEAU, Jambs, LL.D., younger brother of the late Miss Martmeau, was born at Norwich, April 21, 1805, and educated at the Norwich Grammar School, Dr. Lant Carpenter's School at Bristol, and Manchester New College, York. He was appointed second minister of Eustace Street Presbyterian Meeting House, Dublin, in 1828 ; second minister of Paradise Street Chapel, Liverpool, in 1832 j Pro- fessor of Mental and Moral Philo- sophy in Manchester New College, in 1841 ; removed to London, 1857 ; was minister of Little Portland Street Chapel, 1859-72; and was appointed Principal of Manchester New College, London, in 1868. Dr. Martineau is the author of "The Rationale of Religious Inquiry," published about 1837 ; " Lectiures in the Liverpool Controversy," 1839 j " Hymns for the Christian Church and Home," 1840$ "Endeavours after the Christian Life," vol. i., 1843; vol. ii., 1847; "Miscellanies," 1852; "Studies of Christianity," 1858; Essays Philosophical andTheo- logical," 2 vols., 1869; Hynms of Praise and Prayer," 1874; and "Religion as affected by Modem Materialism," an address delivered in Manchester New College, London, 1874. He has been a constant con- tributor to the National Review, of which he was one of the founders. The honorary degree of D.D. was conferred upon him by the Univer- sity of Ley den in Feb., 1875.

MARTINEZ CAMPOS, Absenio, a Spanish general and statesman, bom in 1834, being the son of a brigadier-general, left the Staff School at Madrid with the rank of lieutenant, went through the cam- paign in Morocco, in 1859, as a member of the staff of the com- mander-in-chief, O'Donnell, and was there promoted to the rank of major. In 1864 he joined the army of Cuba as colonel, and he remained