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East, with Lingoistic Map; re- published in 1855 under the title of

  • 'A Survey of Languages." In

185-1 appeared his " Letter to Chevalier Bunsen on the Classifica- tion of the Turanian Languages in Bunsen's 'Christianity and Man- kind ; ' " in 1857, at Leipsic, " The Hymns of the Big-Veda, together with text and translation of the Pr&tisAkhya, an ancient work on Sanskrit Grammar and Pronuncia- tion," in German j and " Buddhism and Buddhist Pilgrims;" in 1858, "The German Classics from the Fourth to the Nineteenth Century," and " Essay on Comparative Mytho- logy/' ^ the Oxford Essays; in 1859, " History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature" (2nd ed. 1860), and "Lectures on the Science of Lan- guage," two series, delivered at the Boyal Institution (last edition, 1882) ; and " Sanskrit Grammar for beginners" (2nd ed. 1870). In 1868 he delivered the Bede Lecture at Cambridge, " On the Stratifica- tion of Languages," and in 1870, a course of lectures " On the Science of Eeligion," at the Boyal Institu- tion, published in 1873, under the title of "Introduction to the Science of Beligion," with "Two Essays on False Analogies and the Philosophy of Mythology" (last edition, 1882). In 1873 he gave another course of lectures at the Boyal Institution on Mr. Darwin's Philosophy of Language, published in Fra8er*8 Magazine, Most of his essays have been collected in " Chips from a German Workshop," 4 vols. 1868-75: — vol. i.. Essays on the Science of Beligion ; vol. ii.. Essays on Mythology, Tradition, and Ciis- toms; vol. iii.. Essays on Litera- ture, Biography, and Antiquities; vol. iv.. Essays on the Science of Language. A selection of them was published under the title of "Selected Essays," 2 vols., 1882. In 1869 he published, as a specimen, the first volume of his translation of the Big- Veda "Hymns to the Maruts, or the Storm-Gods," In

1873 appeared his edition ef the two texts of the Big-Veda (2nd ed., 1877), and in 1874 the sixth and concluding voltime of his large edition of the Big- Veda with SAyana's Commentary. Since the year 1879 Professor Max-Milller has devoted himself to the teaching of several Buddhist priests who had been sent to him from Japan to learn Sanskrit. This led him to the discovery that the oldest Sanskrit MSS. existed in Japan. With the help of these Japanese MSS. he pub- lished the Sanskrit originals of several Buddhist texts, such as the Sukh&vatlvytlha (Joum. B. As. Soc. 1880), the Vagraki^edikA, in the Anecdota Osooniensia, 1881, while one of his pupils, Mr. Bunyiu Nan- jio, compiled a complete Catalogue of the Buddhist Tripitaka, the Sacred Canon of the Buddhists in China a^d Japan, published by the Clarendon Press, Oxford, in 1883. In 1881, in commemoration of the centenary of its first publication, he brought out a new translation of Kant's Critique of Pure Beason, pre- ceded by an historical introduction by Professor L. Noir^. Mr. Max- Milller, who has contributed nume- rous articles to the Ediribwgh and Quarterly Reviews, the Times, and various literary journals of Eng- land, Germany, and France, is one of the eight foreign members of the Instiirate of France, one of the Knights of the Ordre pour le M4rite, one of the ten foreign members of the Beale Accademia dei Lincei of Bome, and has received the hono- rary degree of Doctor of Laws at Cambridge and Edinburgh.

MAY, Thb Bight Hon. Geobob Augustus Chichbbtbb, son of the Bev. Edmund May, late Bector of Belfast, by Elizabeth, eldest daugh- ter of the late William Sinclair, Esq., of FortWilliam, co. Antrim,was born at Belfast in 1815. He received his education at Shrewsbury School and at Magdalen College, Cambridge, where he graduated with honours. He was called to the bar in Ireland