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MELBOURNE, Bishop op. (See


MELIKOPF, LoBis, a Russian general, of Armenian descent, son of a merchant at Moscow, was born in 1824, and received his education at the Lazareff Institute in that city. He speaks the Russian, Ar- menian, Tartar, Persian, and French languages. At an early age he commenced his military career, joining the Hussars at St. Peters- burg. At the time of the Crimean war he had attained to the rank of colonel, and he commanded a light cavalry regiment. He was present at the capture of Ears, and was appointed commandant of that town with the rank of general. He also took part in the muitary opera- tions in the Caucasus, and after the peace he was sent, as governor, to Vladi-Kavkas, in Circassia, in 1860. Some years afterwards he obtained an unlimited leave of absence on account of the state of his health. He visited France, resided for some time at Paris, went next to Germany, and was staying at Wies- baden when the declaration of war by Russia against Turkey recalled him to active service. He was appointed Adjutant - General to the Grand Duke Michael, the Im- perial Lieutenant Commanding-in- Chief the army of the Caucasus. It was in fact General Loris Meli- koff who directed all the military operations in a country with which no one was more intimately ac- quainted than himself. To hun in particular is due the capture of Ardahan by the Russian troops. May 17, 1877, and the subsequent capture of Ears. On March 3, 1880, he was shot at by a man named Maladzyetsky, but he fortunately escaped without injury.

MELLON, Mbs. Alfbed, known under her maiden name. Miss Sarah Jane Woolgar, born July 8, 1824, made her first appearance in London at the Adelphi Theatre, in Sept., 1843, in a farce called "^ Antony and Cleopatra/* when her merits were

recognised, and she found herself high in favour with the London public. Her name has been identi- fied with all the Adelphi triumphs since the date of her first appear^ ance ; indeed, except for very brief engagements, she has appeared at no ottier London theatre. She be- came the wife of the late Mr. Alfred Mellon, the popular composer and conductor, for some time the leader of the orchestra at the Adelphi Theatre, who died in June, 1867.

MELLOR, The Hon. Sib John, son of the late John Mellor, Esq., of Leicester, born at HoUingwood, near Oldham, Jan. 1, 1809, and educated privately, was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1833, and went the Midland circuit. In 1851 he was appointed Q.C., and elected a Bencher of the Inner Temple, was for some years Recorder of Warwick, resigned in 1852, and was appointed in Feb., 1855, to the Recordership of Leicester. He was an unsuc- cessful candidate, in the Liberal interest, for the borough of Warwick in July, 1852, was elected one of the members for Great Yarmouth in Aug., 1857, and was returned for NoUingham, as an advanced Liberal, at the general election, in April, 1859. He was nominated a Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench in Nov., 1861, on the retirement of Sir Hugh Hill, and in Nov., 1875, by the operation of the Judicature Act, he became a Judge of the High Court of Justice. He was knighted on his elevation to the iudicial bench, from which he retired in 1879.

MENABREA, Louis Fbedebice, Mabquis de Yal-Doba, an Italian general and statesman, born at Chamb^ry (Savoy), Sept. 4, 1809, studied with distinction at the University of Turin, and entered the corps of Engineers as lieu- tenant. At an early age he be- came favourably l^own by his scientific attainments, which led to his appointment as Professor of Mechanics Iq the Military Academy,