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lished, besides separate sermons, tracts, pamphlets, and articles in the Edinburgh Review, Contemporary, Cornhill, Gentleman's Magazine, Church Quarterly, Rambler, Saturday Review, Academy, and other periodi- cals ; " Poems/' 1854; 3rded., 1871 ; "Church Parties," 1857; "Catho- lic Doctrine of the Atonement," 1865, 3rd ed., revised and enlarged, 1881 ; " First Age of the Church," translated from the German of J. I. Dftllinger, 1866, 3rd ed., 1877; '* Letter to Father Lockhart on Dr. Pusey's Eirenicon," 1866, 2nd ed., 1871 ; "Lectures on Reunion of the Churches," translated, with pre- face, from the German of J. I. Dbllinger, 1872, " Recollections of Ober-Ammergau," 1872 ; " Catholic Eschatology and Universalism, an Essay on the Doctrine of Future Retribution," 1876, 2nd ed., 1878, revised and enlarged ; " History of Councils of the Church," vol. 2, translated from the German of Bishop Hefele, 1876; "Eirenicon of the Eighteenth Century," new edition, with introduction, notes, and appendices, 1879 ; and " Moral and Religious Estimate of Vivisec- tion," 1879.

OXFORD, Bishop of. {See Mackarnbss.)


PAGET, The Right Hon. Sir AuauBTus Bebksley, G.C.B., fourth son of the late Right Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, G.C.B., was born in 1823, and, after serving for some time in the General Post Office and the Audit Office, was appointed to a clerkship in the Foreign Office in 1841. He became precis writer to the late Earl of Aberdeen in Feb., 1846 ; attach^ to the embassy at Paris in June the same year; and Secretary of Legation at Athens in Feb., 1852. After filling diplo- matic offices in Egypt, Holland, and other countries, he was on several occasions Charge d' Affaires

at Lisbon ; was nominated Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- potentiary to Saxony in Dec, 1858 ; to Sweden and Norway in June, 1859 ; to Denmark in July, 1859 ; to Portugal in 1866 ; and to Italy in July, 1867. He was created a civil Knight Commander of the Bath in 1863. In March, 1876, he was nominated Ambassador to Italy, and shortly afterwards he was sworn of the Privy Council (July 21). He was created a G.C.B. Aug. 21, 1883.

PAGET, The Right Hon. Lord Clarence Edward, K.C.B., son of the first Marquis of Anglesey, K.G., by his second marriage, born June 17, 1811, entered the navy at an early age, and saw some active ser- vice in the Baltic during the Cri- mean war. He waa for some time secretary to his father when Master- General of the Ordnance, was ap- pointed Secretary to the Admiralty in Lord Palmerston's second ad- ministration in 1859, and retired in May, 1866, in order to take tho command of the Mediterranean squadron. He attained flag rank in 1858, and waa made Vice- Admiral April 2i, 1866. He was returned as one of the members in the Liberal interest for Sandwich, in Aug., 1847, did not present him- self for re-election in July, 1852, was re-elected for that borough in March, 1857, and resigned his seat on taking the command of the Mediterranean squadron in May, 1866. He retired from the com- mand of the Mediterranean fleet in May, 1869.

PAGET, George Edward, M.D., F.R.S., born Dec. 22, 1809, at Yar- mouth, Norfolk, was educated at the Charterhouse, and at Caius College, Cambridge, where he gra- duated with high mathematical honours. He was elected a Fellow of Caius in 1832, and took his M.D. degree in 1838. He became a Fel- low of the Royal College of Physi cians, London, in 1839 ; Presiden- of the British Medical Associatiot