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the British North American Ex- ploring Expedition^ containing re- ports upon the geography, agricul- tural resources, and commercial capabilities of Western America, was presented by him to her Ma- jesty's Government, and appeared in 1861. Mr. Palliser in early life passed much time and acquired some experience among the Indians of the northern woods and western prairies, and some of the* results of his American experiences are re- corded in " The Solitary Hunter, or Sporting Adventures in the Prairies," published in 1853. The authorities at the Colonial Office were induced, on account of Mr. Palliser's previous experience of Indian life and character, to place the expedition of 1856-7, which he had formed for the purpose re- quired, under his command. Mr. Palliser is a magistrate, and has served as High Sheriff for the county of Waterford.

PALMER, The Rev. Charles Febbebs (Raymxjnd), second son of Shirley Palmer, M.D. (well known as a medical writer), was born at Tamworth, Staffordshire, in 1819, and educated at the Free Grammar School of that town, and at the Queen's College of Medicine, Bir- mingham. He practised as a sur- geon in his native town for some years, and in 1853 joining the Do- minican order, took orders in 1859 in the Roman Catholic Church, which he had entered in 1842. Father Raymund Palmer is em- ployed in antiquarian researches, chiefly relating to the history of his order in England, now being published in antiquarian journals. He has published '* The History of the Town and Castle of Tamworth, in the Counties of Stafford and Warwick," in 1845 ; " Life of Beato Angelico da Fiesole, of the Order of Friar Preachers," a translation from the French of E. Cartifer, with notes, in 1865 ; " The Domini- can Tertiary's Guide," to which Fr. R. Rodolph Suffield also attached

his name, 1866 (2nd edit., 1868) ; " The Life of Philip Thomas Howard, O.P., Cardinal of Norfolk, Grand Almoner to Catherine of Braganza, Queen-Consort of King Charles II., &c., with a Sketch of the Riae, Mission, and Influence of the Do- minican Order, and of its Early History in England," in 1867 ; •' The History and Antiquities of the Col- legiate Church of Tamworth, in the County of Stafford," in 1871 ; "The History of the Baronial Family of Marmion," in 1875 ; and anonymous contributions to various periodicals, chiefly on antiquarian and historical subjects. His manuscript collection of documents concerning Tamworth, in 4 vols., is now in the British Museum.

PALMER, The Ven. Edwik, D.D., is the fourth and youngest son of the late Rev. William Jocelyn Palmer, vicar of Mixbury, Oxford- shire, where he was bom, July 18, 1824 ; and brother of Lord Selbome. From the Charterhouse he proceeded to the University of Oxford, was elected to a scholarship at BaUiol College in 1841, and obtained the Hertford and Ireland University Scholarships and the Chancellor's Prize for Latin verse. He held a Fellowship at Balliol CoUege from Nov. 29, 1845, till Sept. 19, 1867, acted as classical lecturer in the CoUege for ten years, and as tutor for four. He was appointed Corpus Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in the University of Oxford, Feb. 26, 1870, in the room of the late Professor Coning- ton. In Jan., 1878, he was ap- pointed to the Archdeaconry of Oxford, rendered vacant by the death of the Ven. Charles Gierke ; and in the same year (May 7) he was created D.D. In the same year he retired from the Corpus professorship of Latin.

PARDON, Gboboe Fbbdbbics. descended from an ancient Cornish family, was born in London in 1824. He was educated at a private school^ and at the age of fifteen went to