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lippe Robert (born Feb. 6, 1869), and two daughters. At the close of the year 1871 the Comte de Paris was, after some delay, admitted a member of the National Assembly, at Versailles, under M. Thiers, Pre- sident of the French Bepublic; and on Dec. 21, 1872, the Assembly voted the restitution of the pro- perty of the Orleans family. On Aug. 5, 1873, the Comte de Paris had the celebrated interview at Frohsdorf with the Comte de Cham- bord, whom he acknowledged as the head of the Boyal House of France. After the death of the Comte de Chambord (Aug. 24, 1883), the great majority of the Legitimists acknowledged the Comte de Paris as his successor. A remarkable article, entitled *' L'Allemagne et ses Tendances Nouvelles," which appeared in the Rev^te dea Deux Monde$, in Aug., 1867, and attracted considerable attention, is said to have been written by the Comte de Paris. He is also the author of "Les Associations Ouvri^res en Angleterre," Paris, 1869, an English translation of which, by N. J. Senior, M.A., was published the same year at London, under the title of "The Trades Unions of England ; " and of " Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Am^rique," vols. i. and ii., Paris, 1874. The fifth and sixth volumes of this work appeared in 1883.

PARK, Edwabds Amasa, D.D., bom at Providence, Rhode Island, Dec. 29, 1808. He graduated at Brown University in 1826, and at Andover Theological Seminary in 1831, and was pastor of a Congre- gational church at Braintree, Mas- sachusetts, 1831-34, when he became Professor of Mental and Moral Phi- losophy at Amherst College. In 1836 he became one of the Profes- sors in the Andover Theological Seminary, and has for many years been regarded as a representative of what is styled "New England Theology." He has been one of the editors of the Bibliotheca Sacra

from its establishment. He has edited " Selections from German Literature, 1839 ; has contributed much to current theological litera- ture ; and has published, " The Rise of the Edwardean Theory of the Atonement,*' 1859 ; " Theology of the Intellect and the Feeliiigs/' 1851 ; " Hymns and Choirs," 1861 ; and " Life of Leonard Woods," 1880. PARKER, John Henbt, C.B., F.S.A., keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Hon. M.A., Oxford, son of Mr. John Parker, merchant, of Lon- don, born in 1806, was educated at Dr. Home's school, at the Manor House, Chiswick, entered business as a bookseller in 1821, and suc- ceeded his uncle, Mr. Joseph Parker, at Oxford, in 1832. He has com- piled *• Glossary of Architecture," published in 1836; "Introduction to the Study of Gothic Architec- ture," originally a series of ele- mentary lectures delivered to the junior members of the Oxford Ar- chitectural Society, in 1849, on the recommendation of the oommittee of that body, published in 1849; " Domestic Architecture of the Middle Ages," of which the qecond volume, relating to the fourteenth century, appeared in 1853, and the third volume, relating to the fif- teenth century, in two parts, in 1859; and edited the fifth edition of Rickman's "Gothic Architec- ture," in 1848. He is also the author of "The Archaeology of Rome," 9 vols., 1874-7, and of seve- ral papers on mediaeval architec- ture in the Archceologia, Archwolo^ gical Journal, and Oentleman's Ma- gazine. In a convocation of the University of Oxford, Nov. 25, 18459, a grant of ^6200 was passed, to assist Mr. Parker in the excavations which are being made at Rome under his directions, and a statute was pro- mulgated accepting a proposal made by the same gentleman for endow- ing the Keepership of the Ash- molean Museum with the n-wwrntl sum of ^250 in addition to the pre- sent stipend, Mr. Parker himself