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M. Eouher, who was intrusted provisionally with the portfolio of Finance. The general election of May, 1869, gave a 'majority to the Government, but the interpellation of the 116 was followed soon after- wards by the prorogation of the Chamber and the resignation of the ministry (July 13). M. Rouher was not a member of the remodelled cabinet, but by an Imperial decree, dated the 20th of July, he was nominated President of the Senate. After the fall of the Empire, M. Rouher followed his Imperial mas- ter to this country, where, if com- mon reports may be relied on, he was mixed up witii various intrigues for the restoration of the Napoleonic dynasty. He was returned to the National Assembly for Corsica in Feb., 1872. At the general election of Feb. 20, 1876, he presented him- self as a candidate in the three arrondissements of Biom, Bastia, and Ajaccio. He was elected by all three constituencies, and having the support of the Prince Imperial, he triumphed at Ajaccio over Prince Napoleon, who had also come forward as a candidate. M. Rouher elected to sit for Riom, and his election was annulled at Ajaccio, where he was succeeded by Prince Napoleon on the 14th of May fol- lowing. After the act of May 16, 1877, he gave his support to the Cabinet of the Due de Broglie, and was re-elected for Riom on Oct. 14. After the death of the Prince Imperial, M. Rouher endeavoured to procure the recognition of Prince Napoleon as head of the Bonaparte family. He was promoted Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour in 1856, Grand Cross in 1860, and obtained the Grand Cordon of the Italian Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus in 1863.

ROUSSET, Camille Felix Michel, a French historian, born at Pai-is, Feb. 15, 1821, became Professor of History at Grenoble, next at the College Bourbon (after- wards called the Lycee Bonaparte),

from 1845 to 1863, and in 1864 was appointed historiographer and li- brarian to the Ministry of War. On Dec. 30, 1871, he was elected a member of the French Academy by 17 votes against 12 recorded for M. Vielcastel. M. Rousset is the author of "Precis d'Histoire de la Revolution Fran^aise/' 1849; "Histoire de Louvois et de son Administration Politique et Mili- taire," 4 vols., 1861-63, a work which in three consecutive years gained the first Gobert prize of the French Academy ; " Correspond- ance de Louis XV. et du Marechal de Noailles," 2 vols., 1865; "Le Comte de Gisors/' 1868 ; " Histoire de la Gueire de Crim^e," 2 vols., 1877 J and *'La Conquete d'Alger," 1879.

ROUTH, Edwabd John, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.,was born at Quebec, Canada, in 1831, being son of Sir Randolph Routh, Commissary- General to the Forces. At the age of 11 he was brought to England, and subsequently was sent to. University College School, where he stayed only a year before enter- ing University College. Here he made rapid progress in mathema- tical studies under Professor De Morgan. He passed through the higher classes, gaining the mathe- matical prizes at the yearly exami- nations. This encouraged him to attend the matriculation examina- tion in the University of London in 1847, and afterwards the B.A. examination in 1849, gaining the Mathematical Scholarship at each. He received also the gold medal at his M.A. examination in 1853. In Oct., 1851, he entered Peter- house, Cambridge. He studied for a year under Mr. Todhunter, of St. John's College, and for the remaining two years and a qiiai-ter under Mr. Hopkins, of Peterhouse. In 1854 he graduated as Senior Wrangler, and at the Smith's Prize examination he was bracketed equal with Mr. Maxwell, afterwards Pro- fessor of Experimental Philosophy

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