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mann at Hissarlik were exhibited at the South Kensington Museum at the close of 1877, and about the same time there appeared in Eng- lish, *' Mycenae ; a Narrative of Researches and Discoveries at My- cenae and Tiryns. By Dr. Henry Schliemann. The Preface by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P." In his explorations Dr. Schliemann has been greatly assisted by his wife, who is an accomplished Greek scholar. She is a na^ve of Greece. Dr. Schliemann is continuing his excavations and researches. In 1881 he published at Leipzig a new work, " Orchomenos," in which he describes his journey from Athens to Orothomenos, Orchomenos itself, and Copais. The following year (1882) he was elected a correspond- ing member of the Academy of Sciences at Munich. His work "Troja," published in 1883, may be considered as the supplement and completion of the earlier volume, "Ilios.** He has re- cently finished the erection of a residence in Athens which has cost more than jB20,000, where he and his family now live.

SCHMITZ, Lbonhard, Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E., was born at Eupen, near iix-la-Chapelle, March 6, 1807, studied history and philolology at the University of Bonn under Nie- buhr, Welcker, &c., from 1828 till 1832, and afterwards taught with success at the gymnasium of Bonn. In 1836, after marrying an English lady, he removed to England, and occupied himself chiefly with writing on classical, historical, and educa- tional subjects. In 1845 he was appointed to the Rectorship of the High School of Edinburgh, which he resigned in July, 1866 ; he then undertook the Principalship of the London International CoIlege,which he resigned in 1874, on l^ing ap- pointed Classical Examiner in the University of London. He was selected by the Queen in 1859 to give a course of historical instruc- tion to the Prince of Wales, and

during the winter of 18G2-3 gave a similar course to Prince Alfred. Dr. Schmitz edited Niebuhr's Lectures on '* Roman History," on "Ancient History," and "Ancient Geography and Ethnology," con- sisting of eight volumes, 1844-53 ; and the "Classical Museum," a periodical devoted to the elucidation of ancient history and literature, from 1844 till 1850 ; and has com- piled a " Popular History of Rome ; " a *' History of Greece ; " Grammars of the Greek and Latin languages ; a "Manual of Ancient History," 1855 J a " Manual of Ancient Geo- graphy," 1857 ; a " Manual of the History of the Middle Ages," 1859 ; "History of Latin Literature," 1877 ; and contributed lar^ly to the Penny Cyclopaedia, Dr. W. Smith's "Classical Dictionaries," and the "Encyclopaedia Britannica." Dr. Schmitz became a naturalised British subject shortly after his appointment to the Rectorship at E<finburgh. A civil list pension of ^650 a year was granted to him in Jan. 1881, "in recognition of his services to classical education and literature."

SCHNEIDER, HobtenseCathe- BiNB, a French actress, born at Bor- deaux about 1835, displayed while very young an aptitude for the stage, and at the age of fifteen played with applause in "Michel et ChriBtine" at the Athenee of her native city. An old teacher named Schaffner gave her lessons in singing, and ^e subsequently spent three years at Agen, playing secondary parts. Going to Paris, she obtained an engagement in the company of the BoiSfes-Parisiens, and on Sept. 19, 1853, made her dSbut in "Le Chien de Garde" at the Th^&tre des Vari^t^s. Here she met with considerable success, which was increased by her performances at the Th^Atre du Palais Royal, where she made her first appearance Aug. 5, 1858. In Dec. 1864, Mdlle. Schneider returned to the Variet^s and caused quite a furore by her