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And bear and corn, with a large peck,
Which never on the seas did tack,
That's come not far awa.'

That Happy Marriage,

As I was walking one morning so fair,
So green was the fields, and cool was the air,
There did I discover,
Pretty Nancy my lover.
And I for to woo her was pleas'd for to say,

O fairest of creatures that ever was seen,
You're the pride of my heart, the flow'r of the green,
With garlands of roses,
And sweet pretty posies,
What nature composes I'll crown you my queen:

To these words I spoke she answered and said,
O how can you flatter a poor harmless maid,
For your tongue it runs so nimble,
It makes my heart to tremble,
And I fear you disemble my poor heart to break!

Of all my sweethearts I have nine or ten.
Yet never a one I can fancy of them,
But if I should believe you,
And you should deceive me,
And scornfully leave me, oh! where am I thee,

hese words I speak is by the powers above,