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For Johnny courted Lizie Painck,
'Cause Lizie Painck she had the siller,
Sic a wife as Lizie Painck,
I wadna gi'e a button for her.

Lizie's face was like the moon,
Her shoulder's maik as broad as Samson's;
Her very picture's like the figu
That hings aboun auld Robin Samson's.
But de'i a prin does Johnny care,
Were Lizie like the witch of Endor;
Johnny sittens on her gear-
He wadna gi'e a button for her.

Lay thy loof in mine lass

O lay that loof in mine, lass,
in mine lass, in mine lass,
And swear on thy white hand, lass,
that thou wilt be my ain
A slave to love's unfounded sway,
He aft he's wrought me meikle wae,
But now he is my deadly sae,
Unless thou be mine ain.
O lay thy loof in mine, lass,
In mine, lass in mine lass, &c.

There's monie a lass has brake my rest,
That for a blink ha'e lo'ed best,
But thou art Queen within my breast,
For ever to remain
O lay &c.

Dear lad, gin ye'll be leel and true,

There's nane I like sae weel as you,