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Enclosures: Treaty of Sept. 30 at Fort Wayne Supplemental treaty Journal of Proceedings, Sept. 1 to Oct. 27 358
1809, October 17 Annual message To the Third General Assembly 378
1809, October 19 Special message Legality of the General Assembly then convened 384
1809, October 21 Special message Dissolving the legislature at its own request 385
1809, September 1 Harrison to Secretary of war Journal of (See Oct. 1.) the proceedings of a treaty with the Indians at Fort Wayne and Vincennes 362
1809, October 28 Resolutions by a mass meeting at Vincennes Recommending the reappointment of Harrison 385
1809, November Secretary of War to Harrison Recommending severe measures gainst Tecumseh and the Prophet 387
1809, November 3 Harrison to Secretary of war Treaty with Indians at Fort Wayne 387
1809, November 4 Joint resolution by the Indiana legislature Recommending the reappointment of Harrison 391
1809, November 15 Harrison to Secretary of war The treaty at Fort Wayne 392
1809, December 3 Harrison to Secretary of war Actions of William Wells, Indian agent 393
1809, December 7 Secretary of war to Harrison Acknowledgment of letters and treaties 395
1809, December 9 Harrison Treaty with the Kickapoos for (See Dec. 10) cession on west bank of the Wabash 397
1809, December 10 Harrison to Secretary of war Copper mine near Kickapoo village Treaty with Kickapoos 396
1809, December 21 R. Smith to Harrison Refusal to honor draft for money 398
1810, February 20 Harrison to Secretary of war Trouble between Wea and Muscoe Indians 398
1810, February 21 Harrison to House of Representatives Proclamation apportioning members of House and ordering an election 399