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prevented him. We may, however, with confidence, promise ourselves that both these measures will be adopted at the next session of congress.

Among the laws of a general nature which were passed at the late session are the following:

1st. "An act providing for the second census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States". The census in the territory is to be taken under the direction of the secretary.

2nd. "An act to establish an uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States".

3rd. "An act further to suspend the commercial intercourse between the United States and France and the dependencies thereof."

4th. "An act to suspend in part an act entitled "an act to augment the army of the United States and for other purposes". This act directs the suspension of enlistment in the army which will cause a saving to the public revenue of one million of dollars.

By the latest arrivals from Europe, we are informed that the French government has received our commissioners with great cordiality and that three persons have been nominated by the chief Consul to open all negotiations with them upon the existing differences between the two nations: it is generally thought that an accommodation will take place—in which event the whole of the additional army will be disbanded.

With respect and regards,
I am, Dear Sir,

Your very humble servant,

William Henry Harrison

The papers mentioned in the preceding letter to have been forwarded to the printers have not come on hand. Last Monday's mail not arrived.