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Commission of Peter Menard

February 5, 1801

Fergus Historical Series, Early Illinois, 31

William Henry Harrison, Esq., Governor and Commander in Chief of Indiana Territory,

Indiana Territory


To Peter Menard, Esquire, of the
County of Randolph sends Greeting:

Know you that reposing Especial trust and confidence in your abilities, integrity and judgment, I, the said William Henry Harrison have appointed, and do by these presents appoint and commission you, the said Peter Menard, to be one of our Judges of the court of common pleas, in and for our said County, hereby giving and granting unto you full right and title to have and Execute all and singular the powers, Jurisdictions and authorities, and to receive and enjoy all and singular Emoluments, of a Judge of the court of common pleas, of a Judge of the Orphans Court, and of a Justice of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the peace in and for the county aforesaid agreeable to the constitution of the laws of this Territory to have and to hold this commission and the office hereby granted to you so long as you shall behave yourself well.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Territory at Vincennes (Seal) this fifth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one and of the Independence of the United States the twenty fifth. By the governor,

Jno. Gibson, Secretary

(Endorsed) Commission Peter Menard, Esq.

William H. Harrison to William McIntosh[1]

Greenfield Kentucky, 3rd April 1801

Burton Historical Collection, 59

Dear Sir:

I am informed by Judge [John] Griffin[2] that the land which I bought of [Francis] Vigo was included in the Mortgage given to his Creditors at Detroit—if so I must ask the favor of you to get these gentlemen to release the Mortgage on Condition of my securing the purchase money to them—

  1. William McIntosh, one of the well known Scotch family of McIntosh, moved to Vincennes about the time of the Revolution, received an appointed' 1801 of major of militia and treasurer of the territory, later fell out with Harrison. Burton Collection, 59; Dunn, Indiana 323, 328, 362, 413
  2. Judge John Griffin, a Federal Judge when Indiana territory was organized; judge in Michigan territory 1805, native of Va. son of Cyrus Griffin, last president of the Continental congress. He left Detroit 1824, went to Philadelphia, and died there 1840. Burton Historical Collection 59