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and a stationary cutting tool fixed to the slide rest, for "trueing out" the previously punched oval. Two milling tools are used, one for forming the bevilled edge, the other for ornamenting the face of the oval frame.

The milling tool, as it revolves, is allowed to swivel so as to accommodate itself to the oval. When the bevilled edge has been formed, the first milling tool is removed and another substituted while the work revolves.

One workman is able to turn, and ornament by milling, two gross of frames per day.

18. Pin and Hook-and-eye Manufactory.—No description of the machines used in pin making can be given, as the process of "papering" is all that is permitted to he seen.

The pins are all papered by machinery; they are placed in a shallow feeding dish in an inclined position, so as to allow them to descend gradually as they are shaken by a quick vibratory motion. They fall from the spout of the feeding dish upon the centre of an inclined shallow trough, about 18 inches long, through which runs lengthwise a slit sufficiently wide to admit the shank of a pin, and yet suspend it by its head, It being a matter of chance, when a pin falls from the spout, whether it will drop into the slit or slide down the trough, a sufficient