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Time occupied.
Min. Sec.
14. Next to the "guard-bedding" machine. It was similar in its construction to the former, but it carried four bits instead of five, and recessed and shaped the bed for the guard 0 51
15. The holes for the side screws were then bored 0 15
then for the tang screw 0
16. The stock was lastly taken to the "band, spring, and ramrod-fitting" machine. A vertical revolving cutter grooved recesses for the band-springs, a horizontal cutter recessed the groove for the barrel 0 55¼
A hand operation then finished off the whole.
Time, 35 seconds
35 sec.
Total time of machine operations 28 45¼
Ditto hand ditto 2 17
Allowance for double simultaneous operations during turning 8 58
Man's time given to the whole operations of making a complete musket-stock 22

The complete musket is put together in three minutes. All parts are so exactly alike that any single part will, in its place, fit any musket.

The general principle adopted in the construction of these machines is that of guiding the cutter in its course, by a shaper or "former," that is, a pattern made exactly of the form in which it is required that the work should be shaped.