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Pride is equal in all men; and the only difference is in the means and manner of displaying it.


It seems that Nature, which has so wisely A disposed our bodily orgaos with a view to our happiness, has also bestowed on us pride, to spare us the pain of being aware of our imper- I fections.


Pride has a greater share than goodness of heart in the remonstrances we make to those who are guilty of faults; we reprove not so much with a view to correct them as to persuade them that we are exempt from those faults ourselves.

"Men are sometimes accused of pride merely because their accusers would be proud themselves if they were in their places."—Shenstone, Men and Manners. . " See some strange comfort every state attend, And pride bestow'd on all, a common friend."

Pope, Essay on Man, Ep. 2, 271.