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Might claim a mutual wrong with them.
Like greyhounds panting in the leash
They linger, till, obtained their wish,
The obdurate obstacle they pass
And wind the trail o'er the prostrate grass.
Ha! whither now? With heads erected
Headlong they rush,—the track neglected:
And see! on yonder gentle slope,
Where the forest weaves its verdant cope,
What smoke curls faint its ashy wreath
Swayed by the morning's gentle breath?
They reach the spot:—but vain that glance.
Vain that keen eye of vigilance:
Around that too delusive fire
No victims wait to glut their ire.

Blest be the forest's friendly guard
Waving wide shelter o'er the sward:
Here, still the glistening dewdrop slept.—
There, rudely by the foeman swept,
A darker hue the green turf showed.
And marked the way the spoiler trod;
See! prostrate from his recent tread
Each blade yet strives to rear its head.