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Alas! as well the parent shape
Might hope its shadow to escape
Whose dull, untiring mockery,
Still haunts it wheresoe'er it fly.
Yet, if revealed in one wide glow
Light's glories from the heavens might flow
That shade, o'erwhelmed in the bright maze.
Would vanish from our baffled gaze.
E'en thus it soothes the soul to think
That, when disrobed of earthly stain.
And clay to kindred clay shall shrink,
The immortal spirit shall remain,
A pure and perfect emanation
Of the great source from whence it came,
Soaring in heavenly aspiration,
As a lambent flame,
To mingle with the quoir above
Who chant unending hymns of love;—
That there the soul may float in bliss,
Drinking in at every pore
Tides of celestial mysteries
Which fooled its keenest search before;
Filled with a joy for utterance too deep
And holy love which doth its being steep;