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Proclaimed the coming glories of the East:
Red and more red in deepening circles grew
Rays which revealed the waking world to view
(Like some fair vision of enchanted land
Where mysteries flee before the magic wand)
Till, leaping from his roseate couch, the sun
Rejoicing his bright course to run,
Like his great Author, looked—and all was light.


"Moyarra! fate befriends the bold;
Caution had found no surer hold
Than this, your ardour hath bequeathed."
From the near forest's bosom wreathed
In welcome eddies many a spire
Evolvent of the latent fire:
Beyond, far-stretching plains were seen
Adorned but by their lawny green,
Save where at intervals, afar
Rose a few eminences, bare
Or crowned in mockery with a leafless wood
Like that on which the chieftains stood