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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports


There's a glorious sanctum of cricket,
Away in the Wood of St. John;
No spot in creation can lick it
For the game at which Grace is the "don."
Though Melbourne may claim a "Medina,"
The "Mecca" of cricket must be
In the beautiful classic arena,
The home of the "old" M. C. C.

Home, sweet home of the M. C. C.,
Ever my fancy is turning to thee!
Up with King Willow and down with the dumps
Hark to the rattle of leather and stumps.
Oh, what a rapturous thrill it affords!
Give yourself up to the magic of "Lord's."

Scoring for Dr. Grace.―"A running commentary."

All Work and no Play.―The umpire's part.

The Irrepressible Joker Again (on bail.)Q. Where ought ducks' eggs to be most readily found? A. At the Oval.[Bail estreated.