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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports

gestible. So it's much better not to go to the Derby—in spite of the luncheon.

Brown. Yes,—in spite of the luncheon.

(Two hours pass. Scene changes to Epsom.)

Jones. Hullo! You here?

Brown. Hullo! And if it comes to that, you here, too?

Jones. Well, I really found so little doing in town that I thought I might be here as well as anywhere else.

Brown. Just my case. Not that there's much to see or do. Silly as usual.

Jones. Quite. Always said the Derby was a fraud. But I am afraid, my dear fellow, I must hurry away, as I have got to get back to my party for luncheon.

Brown. So have I.[Exeunt severally.


There's many a slip
'Twixt the race and the tip.