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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports

Vain the hope, for lo! the Ladies give poor Men no hour of peace.
Can we dare to "pop the question" when they front the "popping-crease"?
Though with "leg before the wicket" your short innings may be o'er,
Will the umpire be as truthful when it's "petticoat before"?
So lay down "the willow," batsmen, and, oh, bowler, leave the wicket,

Ye must yield once more to Woman, for the Ladies now play Cricket!

At the 'Varsity Cricket Match. Newcomer (to Gent in front). If you would kindly move your head an eighth of an inch, I think that by standing on tip-toe I might be able, between the box-seat and body of that carriage, to ascertain the colour of long leg's cap.

Pudding it Plainly. Why is a promising cricketer like flour and eggs?

Because he's calculated to make a good batter.

The most remarkable instance of a hybrid animal is the cricket-bat.

The Real "Triple Alliance." A three-figure innings at cricket.