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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports
M. Busson (receives a severe contusion of the cheek-bone from the boule de canon, which is delivered with murderous intent by a swift "round-and bowlsman"), b. Jones-Johnson 0
Le Général Grex (hits his three wickettes into the air, in a daring attempt to stop the boule de canon with his batsman's club), b. Jones-Johnson 0
Le Duc de Septfaces (has his pince-nez shattered to atoms by the boule de canon, and, being unable to see, withdraws from the "innings"), b. Jones-Johnson 0
M. Carillon, M. le docteur Giroflé, le Professeur d' Equitation (all the three being given, in turn, "out, legs in front of the wickette," leave the ground to arrange a duel with the Umpire), b. Jones-Johnson 0
M. de Montmorency (on reaching the wickette and seeing the terrible approach of the boule de canon, has a shivering fit which obliges him to sit down), b. Jones-Johnson 0