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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports

3. When throwing in from the country, aim half-way up the pitch; you may then hit one of the wickets—which one I don't know.


The spirit in which the game should be played is best shown by the following extract from the Leicester Daily Mercury:

Barrow Ladies v. Thrussington Ladies.

"Barrow went in first, but were dismissed for sixteen. Only three Thrussington ladies batted, owing to the Barrow team refusing to field, because the umpire gave Miss Reid in for an appeal for run out."

What is the companion game to Parlour Croquet? Cricket on the Hearth.

Epitaph on an Old Cricketer's Tombstone.—"Out at 70."

Operatic Song for a Cricketer.—"Batti, Batti!"

Sentiment for a Cricket Club Dinner.—May the British Umpire rule the wide world over.