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Mr. Punch's Book of Sports

On chequered chess-boards students gaze
O'er futile moves oft grieving;
With knights content to pass their days,
And constant checks receiving.
'Mid kings and queens I have no place,
Espiscopari nolo
I'd rather o'er the greensward race,
And find no check in Polo!

Then let me have my supple steed—
Good-tempered, uncomplaining—
So sure of foot, so rare in speed,
In perfect polo training.
And let me toast in rare old port,
In Heidsieck or Barolo,
In shady-gaff or something short—
The keen delights of Polo!

Motto for Croquet.—"She Stoops to Conquer."

In-Door Amusement for Old People.—The game of croakey.

How to Learn to Love Your Enemies.—Play at croquet.

For the Drawing-Room (When there's a dead silence.)—My first is a bird; my second's a letter of the alphabet: my whole is some game.

Explanation. Crow. K. (Croquet.)