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by this name is not available, use a basket-lid, placed in a slanting position, to allow the water to drain away more freely. When sufficiently drained, sprinkle every part of the meat with coarse salt, let it remain for 1 hour, then remove the salt by washing the meat 3 times under the tap. Drain it thoroughly on a clean cloth, and afterwards cook in the usual manner.

Liver must be cut open and well washed in cold water, and may be fried on a shovel over the fire. Before being cooked, it must be again washed and sprinkled with salt.

Hearts, before being placed in the water, must be cut, to allow the blood to flow out easily.

Fat for clarifying, or Suet, must first have the skin removed, and then be subjected to the same washing, salting and drying processes described for preparing meat.


Ingredients.—1 motza (Passover cake), 2 tablespoonfuls of meal (motza), 1 onion coarsely chopped, 1 egg, ½ a teaspoonful of ground ginger, butter or dripping, salt and pepper.

Method.—Soften the motza in cold water, then squeeze dry. Brown the onion in a little hot butter or fat, stir it into the motza, add the egg well beaten, ginger, also salt and pepper to taste, and lastly the meal. Shape into small balls, roll them lightly in meal, and add them to the soup when boiling. Boil gently from 20 to 25 minutes, then serve.

Time.—To cook the balls, from 20 to 25 minutes. Average Cost, 6d. Sufficient for about i quart of soup.


Ingredients.—2 motzas (Passover cakes), 2 tablespoonfuls of meal (motza), 4 ozs. of finely-chopped suet, 4 ozs. of stoned raisins, 4 ozs. of sultanas, 2 ozs. of sugar, 2 eggs, ½ a teaspoonful of powdered mixed spice, 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of rum, if liked.

Method.—Mix the dry ingredients well together, beat and add the eggs, and stir in the rum. Turn into a greased basin, and steam or boil from 3 to 4 hours. Or, turn the mixture into a greased pie-dish, and bake gently for about 40 minutes.

Time.—To steam or boil the pudding, from 3 to 4 hours. Average Cost, 1s. to 1s. 3d. Sufficient for 3 or 4 persons.


Ingredients.—1 teacupful of meal (motza), 3 ozs. of sugar, 2 eggs, the rind of 1 lemon finely grated, 1 pint of milk, ½ a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, butter or frying-oil, salt.