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born, and of each person present at the birth, and of the person having charge of the child, to give to the registrar, within six weeks after the birth, information of the particulars required to be registered concerning such birth, and to sign the register. Upon a written request the registrar may register the birth at the residence of the person making the request, or at the house at which the birth took place; but in such cases the registrar will, unless the birth took place in a public institution, be entitled to a fee of 15. Under ordinary circumstances no fee is chargeable.

Registration after Six Weeks, but before Three Months.—If owing to the default of the parents or other persons required to give information concerning it, a birth has not been duly registered, the registrar may, at any time after the six weeks but within three months of the birth, by notice in writing, require any of the persons whose duty it was to give information to attend personally at his office, or some place appointed by him within his sub-district, within a specified time (not less than seven days after the receipt of the notice and not more than three months from the date of the birth), and there discharge his duty with regard to giving the information required.

Registration after Three Months.—After the expiration of three months and not later than a year from the birth, registration can only be effected under the following conditions: The registrar must, by notice in writing, require some of the persons whose duty it was to give information concerning the birth to attend personally at the district register office, at such time as may be specified (not less than seven days after receipt of the notice and not more than twelve months from the date of the birth), and there make before the superintendent registrar a solemn declaration according to the best of the declarant's knowledge and belief of the particulars required to be registered, and sign the register. If the persons responsible thus attend before a registrar and superintendent registrar, whether in pursuance of a requisition or not, and comply with the above requirements, the birth will be registered. For registration under such circumstances a fee of 55. is payable.

Registration after Twelve Months.—After twelve months a birth cannot be registered except with the written authority of the Registrar-General, and in accordance with special rules. A fee of 10s. is also payable.

Certificate of Registration.—The registrar must, upon demand made at the time of registering a birth by the person giving the information concerning it, and upon payment of a fee not exceeding 3d., give such person a certificate of having registered the birth.

Removal of Person by whom Information required to be given.—Every person required to give information concerning a birth who removes into the sub-district of another registrar before registration has been effected, con- tinues responsible for such registration, but may effect it within three months by making and signing in the presence of the registrar of the sub-district in which he resides a declaration in writing of the particulars required, which must be accompanied by a fee of 2s. 6d.

Alteration of Name after Registration.—If the name by which a child has been registered be subsequently changed, the necessary alteration of the register may be obtained within twelve months after registration by delivering to the registrar or superintendent registrar a certificate to that effect, signed by the minister or other person who baptized the child, or if it was not baptized, by the father, mother, guardian or other person procuring the alteration of the name. A fee of 1s. is also payable. Every minister or person who per- forms the rite of baptism must, if required, give the certificate referred to, on payment of a fee not exceeding 1s.

Correction of Errors.—An error of fact in the register may, on payment of a fee of 2s. 6d., be corrected in the same way as an error in the registration of a death as to which see p. 1940.