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the giddiness left me: before I had entirely recovered Miss Lily with kindly words of sympathy had gone home and Mrs. Mayhew brought me in a cup of excellent coffee: I drank it down and was well at once.

"You should go in and lie down", said Mrs. Mayhew still full of pity, "see" and she opened a door, '"there's the guest bedroom all ready". I saw my chance and went over to her: "if you'd come too", I whispered and then, "the coffee has made me quite well: won't you, Lorna, give me a kiss? You don't know how often I said your name last night, you dear!" and in a moment I had again taken her face and put my lips on hers. She gave me her lips this time and my kiss became a caress; but in a little while she drew away and said, "let's sit and talk, I want to know all you are doing". So I seated myself beside her on the sofa and told her all my news. She thought I would be comfortable with the Gregorys. "Mrs. Gregory is a good woman", she added, "and I hear the girl's engaged to a cousin: do you think her pretty?"

"I think no one pretty but you, Lorna", I said and I pressed her head down on the arm of the sofa and kissed her. Her lips grew hot: I was certain. At once I put my hand down on her sex; she struggled a little at first, which I took care should bring our bodies closer and when she ceased struggling I put my hands up her dress and began caressing her sex: it was hot and wet, as I knew it would be, and opened readily.

But in another moment she took the lead: "Some one might find us here," she whispered, "I've let the maid go: come up to my bedroom" and she took me upstairs. I begged her to undress: I wanted to see her figure; but she only said, "I have no