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"Are you ready for me?" I asked, "ripe-ready or shall I kiss you first and caress pussy?"

"Whatever you do, will be right," she said, "you know I am rotten-ripe, soft and wet for you always!"

All this while I was taking off my clothes: now I too was naked.

"I want you to draw up your knees," I said: "I want to see the Holy of Holies, the shrine of my idolatry".

At once she did as I asked. Her legs and bottom were well-shaped without being statuesque; but her clitoris was much more than the average button: it stuck out fully half an inch and the inner lips of her vulva hung down a little below the outer lips. I knew I should see prettier pussies. Kate's was better shaped, I felt sure, and the heavy, madder-brown lips put me off a little.

The next moment I began caressing her red clitoris with my hot, stiff organ: Lorna sighed deeply once or twice and her eyes turned up; slowly I pushed my prick in to the full and drew it out again to the lips, then in again and I felt her warm love-juices gush as she drew up her knees even higher to let me further in: "Oh, it's divine", she sighed, "better even than the first time", and when my thrusts grew quick and hard as the orgasm shook me, she writhed down on my prick as I withdrew, as if she would hold it, and as my seed spirted into her, she bit my shoulder and held her legs tight as if to keep my sex in her. We lay a few moments bathed in bliss. Then as I began to move again to sharpen the sensation, she half rose on her arm: "Do you know", she said, "I dreamed yesterday of getting on you and doing it to you: do you mind, if I try—" "No, indeed!" I cried, "go to it: I am your prey!" She got up smiling and straddled kneeling across me and put my