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in this life. I know, that for me as for all, there is no other safety than the fulfilment of the com mandments of Jesus, who gave to all humanity the greatest conceivable sum of benefits.

Would there be great trials to endure ? Should I die in following the doctrine of Jesus ? This ques tion did not alarm me. It might seem frightful to any one who does not realize the nothingness and absurdity of an isolated personal life, and who be lieves that he will never die. But I know that my life, considered in relation to my individual happi ness, is, taken by itself, a stupendous farce, and that this meaningless existence will end in a stupid death. Knowing this, I have nothing to fear. I shall die as others die who do not observe the doc trine of Jesus; but my life and my death will have a meaning for myself and for others. My life and my death will have added something to the life and salvation of others, and this will be in accordance with the doctrine of Jesus.